1. This sub is getting too political, mods maybe we can limit the political posts to a certain number per day.

  2. Considering this is a subreddit about Nigeria and we are about to have an election, it is only natural that posts will be more political...

  3. That’s true, but some posts are redundant. Like we have had many posts on tinubu’s Chatham house performance, and it’s repetitive after a point. No posts on his BBC interview for example.

  4. Maybe you should read well. It's says cash withdrawals. No limit on transfers

  5. I wrote CBN limits cash withdrawal to one hundred thousand Naira a week, did I insinuate any limits on transfers?

  6. Sorry was trying to quote another comment. Not you at all.

  7. im not saying it will be 100% no way but math says if its dollar weighed it would shoot to 90% for sure

  8. The same thing happened to me, it’s not perfectly dollar weighted. It can only raise JSS up to a certain amount.

  9. Lol no, you have a long ride to get a JSS even close to that. Probably a few months of low JSS.

  10. The gays cane to eat and your passive aggressive dog whistle would not stop them from slaying every damn minute of every day. Look at them looking fly and living life and here you are hurt and sad....hehehe stay pressed boo 💞 (Oh and if you were not trying to be mean, then I suggest you change your caption....if you were, lol how does it feel to fail woefully at the only thing you should be good at)

  11. It's not about 'the gays' which is even an offensive word, trust me no one gives a fuck about LGBT here in Nigeria, there are far more important things in their head

  12. I'm sure this isn't true for everyone, but as a client I avoid freelancers whose work history rates and profile rates don't match up, and I've heard other clients say the same.

  13. That assumes the freelancer takes on an hourly gig. It could be fixed price

  14. It assumes nothing. It's obviously quite obvious what type of project an entry on someone's profile is.

  15. A freelancer with an hourly rate of $30 can take an hourly job of $10 which will take 5 hours and ask the client to make it a fixed job of $50. How is it obvious what type of project it is?

  16. What exactly did he say that you don't like, and what are your policy alternatives?

  17. He's an incoherent grandfather that can't even speak properly and thanks for that video, I had a laugh reading the comment section, good things most Nigerians on that comment section spoke against that farce.

  18. I agree with you but Burna was definitely NOT unknown in 2016. His first album came out in 2013 after all.

  19. His first album was even earlier, in 2011. The same year Wizkid released superstar, people out here acting like Burna boy is a new artist. He even featured davido on the song trumpet on the album

  20. If you say Burna Boy is currently the best Afrobeat Artist I could understand, although I would still disagree, but to say he has done the most for Afrobeats I cannot accept.

  21. You will disagree that Burna boy is currently the best Afrobeats artist? Have you seen his discography damn, okay I might have exaggerated in my original post a bit, i just feel he’s not getting enough credit down here for the effort he actually puts into his music compared to say Wizkid who’s just slack and sings whatever rubbish comes to his minf

  22. I also don’t think people are pretending to enjoy football, I’ve seen people devote crazy time to it. I just can’t seem to enjoy it. I prefer the highlights

  23. Yeah true, I just have the feeling some guys pretend to be into football too feel among since everyone like it

  24. Tinubu doesn't waste his time with deep fakes. Unlike frauds like Pbi and the fool who made this, he has enough support. Keep crying

  25. Lol, a drug dealer that can't even go the US because he has been banned.

  26. Those tears are sweet buddy. When he steps into the U.S. I will be here to remind you as well. Everything about you is fraudulent, there's no escaping it. Tinubu till 2031 baby

  27. This is bad, It will lead to people spamming jobs if they know there's the slightest chance they get their connects back.

  28. Stupidly yes. Not sure why they are allowed to for gigs that didn't cost them anything.

  29. No it encourages freelancers to understand the job scope before just taking up any job.

  30. So you think a client should be able to leave a negative review for a freelancer who does not agree with a change in scope, despite not having paid them anything?

  31. There were no earnings doesn't change that the freelancer could be a bad one and deserves a bad review. Imagine a freelancer takes a job, wastes the clients time, doesn't do the job and then wants to avoid feedback by refunding.

  32. That’s Upwork pushing you to needlessly spend more money, man. How do you not see that

  33. So, conspiracy theory from you. Do you also believe Upwork posts fake jobs to get freelancers connects?

  34. It wouldn't surprise me to find out Upwork makes these fake job post to get people to buy more connects.

  35. Cos your parents made you by praying on the bed

  36. And you guys shout the police profile people and Endsars nonsense when you just did the same thing.

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