1. I was just in Portland 2 weeks ago from ohio and they were shoving everything in my face. Americannarx and archive let me smell everything before I purchased

  2. Shops in Portland are going to primarily be cash only, but most have an ATM or two. AFAIK your med card is not valid in Oregon, so you will be a rec customer and pay sales tax on the purchase.

  3. Awesome! I appreciate all the info! Also, I'll be close to the airport. What is driving around downtown like? how's parking? Any areas that aren't so nice that I need to worry about?

  4. If you are close to the airport, you really need to check Americanna. I am pretty sure they have the best selection on any given day of any category of cannabis product you might want. Nah. I'm not a shill. I live on the west side. I can get what Americanna has over here, but I'm a local. And a craven ent, to boot.

  5. Went there and got some super good shit. 2 great solventless prerolls. And 3 fire ass weeds. Secret lemons cookie dawg and triangle kush tangie. And got Bos noseKnows wilson rosin..Went to archive and got a donny burger preroll a d some.moknbow#112.

  6. Love RSO but I'm not a fan of the long plastic tank. The shorter metal ones are way nicer imo

  7. They are but my hands sometimes struggle to open them. The lid pops right off on this 1.

  8. Totally makes sense! Glad you have something that works for you and you enjoy! I have the sunshine one currently

  9. I’d go to Pip’s Donuts instead of Voodoo but I see the draw as a tourist. (There are better local donut shops than Voodoo)

  10. I just remember seeing voodoo on food network forever ago and always wanting to go lol... but I'll defintely look into Pips. Thanks!

  11. Coco donuts are downtown and also far superior to voodoo but they don’t have tourist appeal either.

  12. I'll write it down as well! If voodoo is to ridiculous I'd be okay with the better quality

  13. Man I sent them a nice email and nothing back yet. Hoping I jusy get something in the mail

  14. There's a reason why the cured wax 1.5g's are always close to $100 in price. They use trim, not full flower for cured wax.

  15. Nice that they are $85 at buckeye then the 30% off for the weekend so $50 before tax for 1.5 is not to shabby figuratively speaking compared to everything is in the program

  16. Hey, if you like medicating with garbage, more power to you brother.

  17. Very full of yourself to say my medicine is garbage when you have no idea what is does for my condition. If everything is so bad why don't you become a cultivator or the head grower somewhere? Where else can I legally get "not garbage" medicine in the state for the same price point that amplify offers on the cured wax. Not everyone can throw $70-$80 for .84. Or take a drive up to Michigan and back.

  18. Just sent them an email. Hopefully I get some cool stickers to put on my puffco case😀

  19. Cold start only on blue the lowest setting. I've converted from flower over to rosin for the kost partm and I'm smoking way less and using less.

  20. My only issue is that I could only taste 90cookies....what are the other 2🤔🤔🤔

  21. Are firelands and certified part of the same company? I don't buy much furelands but inbotuced the certified tag on the jar here

  22. I only use pods over carts and they last me 2-3weeks.

  23. The Midwest toad was pretty good. The batch I got was 30%. Very frosty and Kiely exterior on the bud. Maybe bot worth the price but I was happy I tried it

  24. For me this one did not do much. But it did have a very nice smell to say the least. Try the lemon dosidos fromBR or the lemon kush from.ancient roots if you havent/get a chance.

  25. Amplify(Buckeye) also has good deals on cured wax 1.5 for $85 but not rosin

  26. Where are you sourcing the 2.5 for 120 130 bucks. They are 250 plus here in newark. I wanna try some of this stuff

  27. RISE cleveland has had Ancient roots peach crescendo rosin jam 2.53 for $156 before tax i got it 25% off on 420 120 OOTD. I got the 2.53 firelands qush#12 for 133 at Terassana in garflied heights that's was 30% off so 103 OOTD

  28. I personally liked it a lot.. my only problem is the container it comes in. Not very sturdy as its plastic and not a "tank".. I had trouble getting the rso out. But I may have also pinched the tube on the inside. It got me high as giraffe pussy to say the least. Give the FECO a try from cokoh

  29. I was able to get this as rosin in Michigan. Man was it gassss!!!

  30. I was a little disappointed to be honest. But I would defintelt try it again

  31. I loved this stuff..nice lemon tasting terps and slight taste of peach. Love it in my puffco as well. Ancient roots does their shit right. Just a little sad it's more expensive but 2.5 for $156 is not to bad comparing that firelands sells .84 for $80. Grabbed mine on 420 for 25% off!!

  32. Be ready for some good nights sleep. I took this down to a cabin and man it was the perfect strain for the trip!

  33. It's not bad! Great for thr price...rosin HD a say different smell it takes some time to get used to

  34. You'll love the orange 43 one if you havent tried it yet!

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