1. Illinois is advertising 30+% Jenny Kush 😆

  2. Did you ask Lume? They probably know best. Without any he said, she said.

  3. I should have asked. My ass was probably to excited and high to ask when I first went in. I gave the tender 106 on 116 and I proceeded to only give him one more 5 and he was like you're still short buddy hahaha. I did snag 5 rosin for $100 and I would say I wouldn't need them again. I do wanna try their rosin pods as well.

  4. Glass jar has a ton of rosin deals 4/100 petro, 3/100 3 lefts. And so on.

  5. What makes you say that? I haven't had it. I was just throwing out some deals I saw. What are your preferred brands? When I went out my first time I got 3 lefts, Rosslyn, 5thage, and lumes rosin.

  6. Yeah I really like that about the community in Michigan. I'm actually from Ohio but I always go to Michigan for the ⛽️

  7. Man I saw this on a menu and was about ready to take a half day to grab some. Everyone has raved about this strain from what I've seen in the community

  8. My buddy has gotten burned on these before I have seen them in the dispo but also easy to make fakes

  9. If you have the cash I would consider getting a proxy. Easier to clean and less likely to mess up atomizer. I've been through 2 peaks before I got my proxy. Now I only use the peaks at the end of my sesh when the proxy is out of juice.

  10. I got over a half of rosin in michigan for around $550...

  11. The puffco pluss. The proxy a little to big to just fit in pocket but the plus is perfect for one the go.

  12. Where have you been getting galenas in michigan? To damn expensive in the ohio medical program

  13. I'll tell u why i love them i Just took half a syringe and im mothafuckin zooted lol

  14. Half a syringe? You must have been on Pluto!. 05-.15 is all I ever need for a good time and good nights sleep.

  15. Purchased where? Been looking for Ric flair drip for a little but now

  16. If you haven't given away yet I would love to be considered for this! I just have an ooze hot knife. Would love to have this badass one for my puffcos

  17. I would assume "best terps" would be for what has the strongest flavor and "best tasting" would just be best overall flavor?

  18. You actually did it! Sorry I made you break the bank with my curiosity but man this and the Tahoe cream look great!

  19. I love doing the math! One time I winged it I ate so much I slept for 10hours and woke up so damn high I could barely open my eyes!

  20. good question! I don't know and have also wondered! I know there are measurements on the syringe but I can't read them, so.....? :O

  21. I believe each little dash on the darts/tanks are usually .02

  22. I would also like to try woodeard butI find it hard to spend almost $100 on bud and only get 5.66 when I can go to Michigan and get an ounce for the same price.

  23. You definitely get what you pay for though. $100 ounces in MI are almost always total mids (or worse) even against the middle of the pack cultivators in Ohio.

  24. When i went everything I looked at was not mids at all. I just got Han solo burger $160 for an ounce far from mids. Look at my post and you'll see a nice 6 gram nug in there. But still an ounce for under $200 or 11.33 grams for under $200.

  25. Wonder if anyone is going to show up to Rip them all a new one.

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