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  1. I don't know about the only part of that statement. Seems par for the course at any IHOP/Waffle House/Dennys at anytime of the day/night

  2. Every fast food worker should get one free pass a month to hand out an ass beating to shitty customers

  3. Somebody is going to learn about the Castle Doctrine if she keeps that shit up.

  4. You tried to jump someone and then beat up someone significantly smaller than you. Congrats smh

  5. The idea that she is around kindergarten children is fucking horrifying

  6. people who act like that towards fast food employees are just the worst people on earth

  7. What a fucking moron How is this dipshit relevant in the least bit?

  8. She didnt know them. They were strangers and she is just fucking crazy

  9. Looks like someone was fighting up a few weight classes

  10. you would think if they were so proud they wouldnt have to hide their faces

  11. He must smell like stale beer and old farts

  12. God I wish someone knew who this beached whale is. I would love to see how truly trashey she is

  13. Did that giant bull dyke mace her? So you surprise attack someone way smaller than you and use pepper spray. I hope that bitch went to jail.

  14. Thank god that slam was on the grass and not the concrete

  15. Hearing him scream he is being threatened with violence sounds like what a lot of people say to justify using a gun. Thank god it did not turn out that way

  16. Jesus Christ !! And now the young boys will have a distrust for police for the rest of their life, and probably some long lasting PTSD.

  17. Don't let people fight in front of children. I am a family law attorney and I have to work with lots of child therapists and counselors, and very few things are more traumatic to a minor child than seeing violence first hand, especially if it is against someone they love, like a parent.

  18. Is the camera man having a fucking seizure?

  19. Living a portion of my life in Kensington PA I always feel so fucking bad for crackheads. Addiction is a fucking nightmare

  20. And now that moment in your life will live forever in infamy on the internet. Oh and fuck your pussy boy friend for suckering the guy trying to stop the fight.

  21. Glad to see that they both had training. Sometimes those videos are so lopsided it is not fun to watch

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