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  1. Well I’m 5 years when all 76 million shares are registered finally GameStop will finally stop being so lackadaisical and do something. Maybe that split will ACTUALLY happen. Probably 2:1 since they’ve done it before

  2. “Let me be perfectly clear, absolutely not!” 😂😂😂

  3. I think GameStop is too lackadaisical to do the split, so probably not happening.

  4. Take the billion flip, negotiate a sale of the flip for 100 mil to some hedge fund who would gladly take a risk adjusted bet of 10x with 50/50 probability.

  5. I’ll take that coin flip and naked short sell it a hundred times. Then you can repackage it in a magic swap & re-hypothocate for collateral at 3X leverage

  6. The answer is yes. His tweets don’t even show up in my feed anymore. So lame. No wonder Elon is interested in bots and shadow banning. Twitter is so lame

  7. This is hilarious, he is on the defensive. With that democr atic Congress his buns are toast😂

  8. Dumpster behind Wendy’s to buy more $GME tendies. Wife’s boyfriend let me outta of the house. Gotta DRS those bad boys.

  9. GameStop has done a 2:1 dividend in the past. They might do another one within the next 5 years

  10. Well that was fun to watch. You should also post this on UUSB

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