1. You guys are just hating. Look at everyone else in the comments just having fun & seeing what names they come up with.

  2. This literally has nothing to do with boruto this is an obvious karma farm

  3. no. i didnt stop. i loved every part of the epilogue and i wish i could play it again with my memories erased.

  4. reposting doesnt make the stickers any better. still a nice truck though

  5. mostly all of them. especially the i love crack whores one

  6. I don’t think this is rockstars fault tbh. Also I have windows 11 and I don’t encounter this issue at all.

  7. Try updating your graphics card driver. It’s pretty simple regardless if you’re on an AMD or NVIDIA GPU.

  8. I liked it too but I was very confused when we immediately went to John after Arthur’s death. But it was an enjoyable experience.

  9. It's just people throwing lazy accusations around. Largely started by the resident troll of the sub.

  10. You can't compare UK to Hawaii. There are actual ways to get vehicles from the UK to the rest of Europe in the real world. SCS didn't do some magic for the sake of the game.

  11. do you not go from ship to the uk and back? and i agree about the canada part. i dont think they would add canada to the game. although it would be pretty cool.

  12. i dont remember momoshiki using ice. i couldve sworn he only used the ones that boruto shot at him.

  13. do I seriously need to explain again how the auto shotgun is actually statistically better than the tac in nearly every way except reload? It’s an identical weapon to the tac with more damage (enough to 2 shot kill someone with full shield/no overshield with just body shots!), a faster pullout time, 4 bonus pellets instead of 3, and 12 pellets per shot instead of 10. The only major downside is it reloading 2 ammo per instead of 1, which even still makes it takes the same amount of time to reload a full mag of the auto as it does the tac, I seriously do not understand why people want the tac back when just last season we had a item that was pretty much just better.

  14. i wish they didnt nerf the tac in season 9 or whatever. it was super fun

  15. I can type a chat in the chat box that is below the video, but my messages never seem to appear on-screen. I even check to see what message is before and after mine and I usually see those messages on-screen but my message does not appear.

  16. im guessing this is on youtube since you cant chat when you muted on twitch. someone probably hid you from stream but idk why they would do that because according to you, you did nothing.

  17. Stay consistent over a few months and I promise you you'll see explosive growth. Timed with the release of season 3 next year and I can see you being successful. Have faith in yourself, I wish you all success.

  18. What’s your specs? That seems like the biggest bottleneck I’ve ever seen.

  19. Ryzen 5 5600H 6 Core and RTX 3060 6gb, every game runs smooth as butter exept for this. Even if it was a bottle neck, there would have to be higher gpu usage than 5%.

  20. yeah idk what the problem could be. you could try verifying but idk how that would do anything

  21. Beamng may actually be pretty good but I don’t think there’s any truck job mods so you can be a trucker.

  22. Dude, if you got so bored from playing ets, then maybe this game isn’t for you, instead of trying to shift the game to appeal to you, maybe try something else huh

  23. That’s literally what he’s trying to do in the post.

  24. Try reinstalling. I really don’t know what the issue could be.

  25. I don’t have any fps issues but it’s like that for every state on release I’m pretty sure

  26. i have almost 2000 hours. ive been playing since chapter 1 season 3 but tbf most of it was on ps4 so its probably like 2600 or so. im on pc now

  27. Probably not. They don’t have an anticheat for creative xp glitches

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