1. Is everyone supposed to know about every single object they use in their lives? How is this even an example of Dunning-Kruger?

  2. ‘You destroyed a nation taking it’s first breath. A place that could have been my home. Now, I’ll destroy yours.’

  3. Hi, im really late but i still have a question mostly about Zeri as of now so not reworked.

  4. I could be wrong, but i thought the Courtyard, Ruins and Darkest Dungeon were all part of the same building or structure.

  5. It’s episode 36: This Stupid Planet. The Bodega episode starts at approximately 32:00. It’s a great episode of Bodega.

  6. From your other comment it doesn’t seem like you care, but if you have radaway you can spam pipboy at the end of the loading screen and use it. You can control your character slightly before the loading screen ends.

  7. I already beat the game with Lucky on Danger 5. I went for about 250 luck, since I had items that scaled with luck like the metal ball, elephant and the passive Lucky has.

  8. how do you build with Lucky? can't get far with this character somehow.

  9. If you dont want to cheat, use Intense Training twice and get the bobblehead or use intense training thrice.

  10. Maybe you should have checked the quirks before you started the run?

  11. Good tip if you’re new to video games in general might be to talk to NPC’s and listen to what they say about dangers and areas. They kind of tell you where you can and can’t go. Another tip for you if you find the game hard is you can always put down difficulty ar any point in the game. And a great tip to make combat easier is to level medicine and maybe one of the combat skills. Good luck hope you have fun! Might be a bit tough for a first video game but i hope you come to love it as much as we do.

  12. As someone who only started playing new vegas last year on PS3 THE SHITIEST VERSION OF THE GAME. IT FUCKING ROCK!!!

  13. That’s bc of save bloating probably. I played a 95 hour save on PS3 recently and the only thing i can suggest is to restart every 20-30 minutes, and when you fast travel somewhere and you drop to like <1 fps, you need to travel away from the location again.

  14. I swear I see the lord of the jammed when I have no curse sometimes.

  15. You mean the one that shows up in a singular room?

  16. Smile’s revolver, AK, Hegemony Carbine, Garand. I think i love any pistol or revolver you can shoot as fast as you can click. It’s just infinitely satisfying.

  17. Shoutout to sound design of DD. Everything from the music to the simple sounds like these is great.

  18. But it reduces your health so still impossible

  19. For me last one was frifle and mauser.

  20. My first runs went pretty bad as well, but what i can suggest is to deal with stress as best you can (i sometimes forfeit runs with negative relationships) and furthermore, you need to think about team comp just like in DD1. Get someone who can heal a bit; absolutely get stress heal and make it the first skill you use mastery on, and get someone who can soak up some hits. I think you also slowly learn class strengths/weaknesses because i for example felt like Highwayman isn’t just a damage dealer anymore and he is a bit more tricky to use. The game is different and thus it is not weird to not complete runs in your first dozen hours, i wouldn’t try to worry too much. I do feel you because i got frustrated quite often on my first 10/15 runs. Good luck sir

  21. I think Mojave EDE has everything, and, im quite certain the box you describe can’t have disappeared as i do the same.

  22. It also negatively affects room drops and i think also chest drops so you need to think about what you need more.

  23. Dont you think the DLC’s are too linear for a Fallout game?

  24. How do they get energy then? Even if assumed that they can "feed" on radiation, doubt that, for example, Rangers at Camp Golf have constant source of radiation to feed from

  25. Magic, since they heal from radiation which also isn’t possible…

  26. Platinum bullets on floor one is op.

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