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  1. No goddammit I can't buy any more new books, my tbr pile already rivals Everest!

  2. Battle Arena Toshinden. At the time the game absolutely blew my mind. In hindsight, the game was not good.

  3. Oh god... my husband and I just started a voyager rewatch and we've set a rule that we're not allowed to skip any episodes. I completely forgot about the Fair Haven bullshit.

  4. I mean this is completely your fault for letting the cat up on the desk.

  5. Same reason Romulan Warbirds are basically all hole with some ship around the outside. It looks fuckin cool.

  6. You know when you repeat a word over and over so many times it eventually loses all meaning? That's what hearing about US gun violence is for the rest of the world.

  7. thags why i only do 2nd and 3rd shift waking up in the morninf is impossible but staying up all night is a different story

  8. well luckily for me i got a 2nd shift job so woop woop ig

  9. Hah sorry my reply was meant to be for the main post, not to your comment! Don't know what happened there

  10. That's a pretty old-looking 18 tbh. Maybe the algorithm has been influenced by Hollywood casting 25-year-olds as high school students?

  11. How is that related to this in any way?

  12. Highlights this year for me have been:

  13. I really enjoyed the first Sophie game. I loved it's very free-formed gameplay loop and homegrown atmosphere and story. I even platinumed it! Sophie 2 while an improvement in many ways, definitely felt like a step back in terms of game progression, and I got very burned out by the time the credits rolled. I don't think doubling up on alchemy recipes was the right call, and the story really tested my patience for anime bullshit. It's made me apprehensive of trying the Ryza games... but they look like fun! Can anyone tell me how these games compare to the first Sophie title?

  14. Can't comment on how Ryza compares to Sophie as I've not played Sophie (yet), but I can tell you that I loved the Ryza games and I have a very low tolerance for anime bullshit. The stories in Ryza are pretty straightforward and well-structured, and don't overstay their welcome.

  15. Is the gameplay and story actually worth it or is it just all pantyshot bait?

  16. Aside from Ryza's character design, there's nothing sexual or fanservice-y about it. The characters are all very sweet and wholesome, and the story is great. Ryza herself is imo one of the best Atelier protagonists,

  17. The fear of being gay-bashed means I have to think very carefully about whether it's safe to kiss my husband or hold his hand in public.

  18. Ain't that the movie that shows an anthromophic duck's uncovered breasts in the beginning?

  19. Even as a kid I remember thinking, a duck wouldn't have boobs, they don't breastfeed!

  20. Almost like they're not meant to be taken out of their natural habitat and put in a place for cars to drive through so idiots can take tick tock videos of them

  21. Yeah the gameplay in RDR1 was so much more fun. I couldn't believe it when I played RDR2 it felt like such a step backwards. I liked the story (although again, nowhere near as good as the first game) and obviously the game is gorgeous, but just the thought of playing through it again is exhausting.

  22. Seconded. It took until episode 3 for it to click with me, but then it clicked hard. It's probably the least 'Star Wars-y' of all the Star Wars things, but I think that's one of the reasons I like it. Kinda similar to Rogue One in that respect.

  23. Why would that annoy you? How much time are you spending staring at your screen when it's off?

  24. Came here to say something along these lines. Nuke them from orbit. Leave none alive.

  25. Oh actually I think I remembering reading that it's not available from the galaxy store in all regions. But you should be able to Google it and download the APK from somewhere.

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