1. Sounds like you're a good candidate for couples counselling.

  2. First: The assumption that the "nice guy" was actually treating her well is quite possibly incorrect.

  3. No girl is ever abused, sexually or otherwise, and all girls automatically have money and great parents. They're all born onto a floating cloud of unicorn breath and candyfloss, and once they reach puberty, they can have anyone they want and are never, ever rejected!

  4. Off topic but I would not have known what candy floss was had I read this a month ago. I heard it on a show and had to look it up. We call it cotton candy here. Now I see it everywhere even though I had no idea it was known as anything else until then. Funny how that works.

  5. It's also known as "fairy floss" in some places. Apparently, "cotton candy", "candyfloss", and "fairy floss" were all brand names of companies that made the stuff. (Something I learned not too long ago.)

  6. My bonus kids are in my life. Whether or not they disown me. They will always be my children and I will have their back. You dont have to like them..but you should still love them.

  7. You can love someone and still not want a relationship with them.

  8. Yeah, well, that "beta male" is getting what you so desperately want, so..... ?

  9. What the hell do these arseholes think "feminism" even is? It's definitely not "be cruel to your babies" or "never have babies". It's about women having CHOICES. You can choose to have babies and make them giggle, or you can choose to have no babies. You can choose to be single, to be married, to live with someone in a domestic partnership that doesn't include marriage, to have a casual job or a full time career, etc. It's making it so that women have more choices in life than "marry the first swinging dick who offers you a ring and hope he doesn't turn out to be an arsehole once you're married and locked in with kids" and "become a nurse or a teacher and have to give up your career if you get married".

  10. One day, she'll be sorry! Oh, yes, she'll be SORRY! maniacal laughter

  11. So, you need to move out. You're in danger of accusations of things that you're not doing. Just move on. Basically, your girl is afraid that you're going to seduce her daughter. Her brain is broken, and you need to leave right away.

  12. This isn't really nice guy behavior... sad, but not NG

  13. "I take you on dates, I fuck the shit out of you, I buy you anything you want I just wanna make you happy" is one hell of an impressive series of claims to virtue.

  14. But not virtue against other people 🤷🏽‍♀️ he's just a sad desperate man making an unwanted plea to a girl who doesn't want it.

  15. A claim of virtue (virtue claim) is the guy talking himself up in some way. He's claiming virtue (value, goodness, niceness, wealth, attractiveness, specialness, some other kind of desirable trait).

  16. It's an incel thing. It basically means a woman is superficially attracted to a man(he makes her "tingly").

  17. Thanks for putting this in simple terms. I agree that he was probably uncomfortable. To be honest, unless everything is about him he tends to get angry.

  18. when my dog died a week ago my now ex boyfriend kept asking why i was laying around all bummed.. “i came to hang out and do something.. not just lay with you”… it had been a day. I had to ask my friend if i should be over it by then.

  19. Losing a pet is losing a family member. Anyone who thinks "It was just a dog" (or cat or bird or whatever) is someone who is lacking empathy and/or incapable of forming deep and meaningful relationships with other creatures, usually including humans.

  20. Same….. it’s like, they are either MASTER manipulators that have been trained by someone on step by step how to do it, or they are so fucked up in the head that they do it unintentionally……….. and idk which one is worse?

  21. Sometimes it's both. When you are raised by manipulators, you learn it by experience and observation and most of the time you never even realise it's manipulative, that they manipulated you, and that you manipulate others. This is how the cycle of abuse is perpetuated.

  22. And not everyone knows what those subtle signs even are. If, for example, you grow up in a dysfunctional home, you may miss red flags because to you, it's pretty much just normal.

  23. Dude, it doesn't matter how polite you are to baristas and old people. If you're cheating on your wife, you're not "nice".

  24. Skyrim my friend...Skyrim. Immersive, entertaining, beautiful scenery. Plus you can create a new character with different "specialties" and make it seem like a new game all over again. I recommend the anniversary edition.

  25. I loved Zork. And I just went and did a search and found out that you can play it online:

  26. Be sure to have some graph paper so you can make a map. Like I sad...I'm a nerd😊

  27. I, too, am a nerd. I still remember the thrill of figuring out the damned maze!

  28. It looks like it got deleted, hah, but he told me his mom thinks it's weird I'm on Reddit on a Sunday afternoon and not making dinner, which means my husband will divorce me, lol.

  29. The idiot apple doesn't fall far from the moron tree, I guess.

  30. https://www.reddit.com/u/ThoughtThiswuzovr/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  31. Thanks. I reported both usernames to Reddit. They usually sort that kind of thing out pretty quickly.

  32. TIL when smells make you sick to your stomach, you're actually a closeted racist

  33. TIL I learned that politely asking someone to follow the rules and eat in the breakroom is racist.

  34. 2012 was a bad time for women apparently. Please don’t spread that shitty article.

  35. Well, I shared the article because I feel like it demonstrates the absurdity and stupidity of the whole "creep shaming" bullshit. It's a bullshit article for a bullshit concept.

  36. You won't have a calculator with you everywhere you go, you know!

  37. My husband once wrote me a poem in English but using Hebrew poetry form. It was silly and tongue-in-cheek, but it was one of the sweetest things any man has ever done for me.

  38. My in-laws spent their retirement years travelling. They went to Europe more than once, and did other fun stuff with their money. They always joked that they were spending their kids' inheritance, but all the kids said, "Hey, it's your money," and they meant it. As it turns out there was an inheritance when they died (within a couple of months of each other), and it was enough to be super helpful (we paid off all our debts and put a down payment on a house, with some left over for repairs and renovation), but it's not like anyone could give up work and be on easy street.

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