1. Wish this was getting more attention I thought it was hilarious and I know how much time these sorta things take. Either way, well done :D

  2. It’s always a pleasure seeing another PK in the midsts. You keep stabbing them kidneys, I’ll be sure to follow up after work.

  3. Oooh rare I get a comment on an old clip. Glad you enjoyed and us PK's gotta stick together, not many of us left!

  4. Yeah just swiping through vids on the way to work lol.

  5. Getting hit after a deflect really is one of the worst feelings :_)

  6. Why are her deflects blockable AND don't cancel HA. Wtf.

  7. It does, but if you can deflect it you could have parried it just as easily. So next time you will :).

  8. Yep that's true, that's why I admitted my fault because I should've just parried. All I'm saying is it feels bad :_)

  9. It barely even flickered. While yes that’s weird I don’t have understand how that’s supposed to get someone killed

  10. Because I reacted to the first red I saw which was up but by the time I changed my guard the unblockable was already coming and it just threw me off entirely. Not enough on its own but its just annoying and feels like an unfair death 😕

  11. “Why would you ever wanna get shaman? She isn’t as good as other characters.”

  12. Hahah, I always swear by heroes with deflects, it's just another layer of complexity that I personally find makes any fight alot more fun!

  13. Assassins are fun! just a shame reflex guard exists...

  14. Oh ffs it looks like you can just chain into that sweep from anything, is that the case?

  15. Yep, after almost anything from Qi stance, kick, light, heavy etc

  16. And yet the unblockable symbol still showed for a frame or two...

  17. I was assuming even tho it showed they let it go that one frame late but still too early

  18. It's so cool, I just wish the animations were smoother than completely sudden stance shift

  19. They're a lil jank but to be fair we've had weird animations in teating grounds before that generally improve once implemented fully

  20. No way to force it I ďon't think, that was an accident and probably just the game getting confused lol.

  21. Hanging on to revenge is a skill more people need to develop. It is incredible for stalling and antiganking alike because it makes people so scared to fight you

  22. It really is an often overlooked strategy tbf, people are afraid to do go near you or punish you

  23. There is quite a few of these challenges after last update. I don't think it's DLC related, simply more activities to be added I'd say.

  24. You can now change this is HUD settings after update 1.2 :D !!!

  25. Idk how to feel about this, but you're right I can't stop you so......uhmm....enjoy?

  26. I'm joking, of course lmfao. I do respect your Peacekeeper drip, though. I only wish that I could show you mine.

  27. This is a fairly old thread now, but if anyone else is having this bikedye UI issue I managed to fix it by dropping my resolution way down temporarily,hope it helps someone!

  28. Basicaly whever someone does a bash/deflect the hit becomes unblockable for it to land, in this case when shaman applied the punish from deflect it became unblockable, nice deflects tho i would have eaten every single heavy.

  29. Now you've said it that seems so obvious, I play a lot of PK and it's really noticeable on her deflect too

  30. The Shugo was generally very cocky and would type that same thing in chat every single time they gor the execution. Not extremely toxic but just annoying and unnecessary

  31. Am I alone in feeling like just playing as shugoki makes someone toxic?

  32. His current moveset pretty much encourages it imo, the dodge headbutt promoted such a braindead playstyle

  33. W E L L Hito's heavies can be really hard to parry if delayed to the last second :)

  34. Awesome man! Much appreciated! The material color is brown or what tho?

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