1. i voted bulldozer cus I'm always pushing trough shit, but I'd have a cargo train full of emotional trauma following this dozer

  2. Bro were you just like waiting for someone to mention sunflower seeds?? Since you responded like instantly.

  3. My family always makes salad with apples, raisins, and craisins. So gross to me.

  4. Tampon refresher. I refuse to pulverize animals and this seems relatively peaceful.

  5. Going to need to file for religious tax free for being a preacher. Build a mega "green house" with the flocks donations.

  6. How do you get on this situation lol like does the government come on your doorstep with rifles like "name your son Shawn or perish!"

  7. Shaun, because that's how I saw it written most of the time before discovering Shawn and the fact that people pronounce Sean that way too (like for me, Sean was pronounced like "seen")

  8. Unwrap the popsicle, pry open the person's mouth, and shove it down their gullet.

  9. I have pooped in public before, it not that hard to do and get away with.

  10. oh ok. In the forest it's probably ok anyway. Alleys would definitely be trickier.

  11. Sister is too lazy and always has some excuse on why she can't work or keep a job and only holds them for at most a month, fiance will get a job, keep it for a month, then quit for some obscure reason, mother got PFML and goes into work occasionally but always has some reason why she has to stay home half the week. My father and I are the only 2 who have kept a full time job in the past 6-8 months. On top of that, I pay my mother $1500 a month out of my $3k a month income, meaning I probably won't even be able to save enough money to leave within the next 5-10 years, bar any Exceptional circumstances

  12. wow- she takes half your income! That's steep for sure. But you still have $1000 left to save at least. Hopefully that can add up over a year's time.

  13. After food, gas, and meds, it's closer to $500 a month. That adds up to $6k a year. Considering housing prices are around $350k-$500k around me right now, it'll take me 3.5 years at the current rate to save enough for a down payment on the cheaper side of housing. And with renting, rents are running $1.5-$3k a month around me, which means I'd need to make $4.5-$9k a month to be accepted by a landlord, and that's just beyond unreasonable with what the job market is around here.

  14. ahh I see. I guess it's kind of a blessing in disguise when you put it like that.

  15. OK how does the pirate voyage work and how big is the ship?

  16. it would be a lifetime experience. But it doesn't have to be cross-ocean experience. Just from one port to another that's 5-7 days away.

  17. In my head canon. Im going to assume the northern light express at some point involves an old timey first class train car. Im going with that one.

  18. I agree, but thankfully we all get graces we didn't deserve from time to time

  19. - What infractions do you most frequently look the other way on?

  20. What infractions do you most frequently look the other way on?

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