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  1. It is my first time transfering shares to IBKR and i donโ€™t understand how i can put money on my account but i really want to DRS bc i think we will only discover the real price when every share is DRSed

  2. where does this hype come from is there any announcement or news?

  3. If itโ€™s first print run open! If 2nd or 3rd keep sealed.

  4. Smh I shouldโ€™ve put 69,420 Lambos. Got too excited about the meme idea๐Ÿ˜…

  5. I love this one bc here in luxemburg we are allways happy when someone pushes our fame!!

  6. If this was on instagram it would suck but here you have my upvote!!!

  7. Click on any random square boom game over

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