1. This is why I will always be a cat person. Dogs can be very dangerous and aggressive without the proper training. They take way too much time and energy

  2. From what I have heard the material is basic and you can find the same stuff for free on YouTube. Learn the basics learn ABC then consider paying to improve.

  3. That’s only specific I do live in Michigan but I think the games are softer on pokerstars

  4. This kinda thing actually makes me sad as a guy with how many missed opportunities I’ve had by not making the first move

  5. This is disgusting this is hard to watch. What a horrible and vile human being.

  6. All the makeup and filters and you still can't hide that fucking chin

  7. You should spend most of your time studying. Only a little playing. Try finding softer games and drop down in stakes if possible

  8. Fold until you are near the top of your range. Then when you hit Raise Raise Raise. Also I would not play any of the lower pocket pairs unless you are getting a good price to setmine

  9. Saved you the trouble of breaking up with his toxic dumbass. Like I don’t understand how you don’t understand basic sex anatomy

  10. A panic attack after too much weed, adderall and cigarettes. Felt like I was dying. Thought my heart was going to stop I couldn’t breathe.

  11. You should really read all 3 you will miss tons of context. It builds each route and you will understand a lot more about the characters and why they act the way they do with each arc.

  12. This is one of the first things I learned in drivers Ed. Don’t take the cap off when it’s hot. He is going to be regretting those burns

  13. I know they have had a lot of problems with drift on joycons and other issues. If you reach out to Nintendo they might be able to help you, but since it has been so long since you have had the joycon I'm not sure if they would be able to reimburse you or if they would just tell you to buy a new one.

  14. I knew when I looked at this I wouldn’t agree. I will never understand why people rate the Dark Tower so low.

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