Monday returns?! [OC]

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  1. Thanks! That suggestion helped me find this dealer’s logo. Seems like a match.

  2. Acrylics and painting, in general, often take several layers to achieve a good result. The benefit of acrylic paint is that it dries quickly. So I might suggest going over the piece again.

  3. People need to know what the cops really do and why citizens who fight back by any means necessary need to not face any charges.

  4. Ah, dogs replacing judges to issue on the spot search warrants. The time for revolt is any.

  5. Wow... Just, wow. Incredibly moving piece, title and description... Thank you for bringing it to life. 🙏

  6. "We can't check a slave's teeth before purchase? This is outrageous!" - Sheetz probably.

  7. Uhh, they'll probably leave eventually, and that solves that problem. Also, 343 is 73 !

  8. Wow, most agencies don't even track how many dogs they kill.

  9. 333 is half of the 1 through 36 sequence added together.

  10. Ran that analysis through the calculatrex and can find 1 error.

  11. I thought Colorado got rid of qualified immunity? To bad it's a judge made doctrine where they protect criminal law enforcement.

  12. Just throw the coffee mug in the trash. Checkmate.

  13. Wow, he was arrested for "terroristic threatening" for pointing his finger. He was held for a year in solitary confinement because he had no money for the 100$ bond.

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