1. Ben tried to do the right things but always messed up, if you drop him he doesn’t get to have the scene with Kenny that kind of redeems himself

  2. That rock formation and that tree is familiar I’ll be paying you a visit

  3. Hmm idk he actually fights them, have you even watched the show

  4. He became leade of the Atlanta camp, leader of the prison, remained leader when Abraham joined the group, and became leader of Alexandria. He does the same shit

  5. He was the leader of the group, he wasn’t gonna let some prisoners gonna be in charge of him and he didn’t let them in his group apart from one, and he wasn’t the leader of Alexandria, the woman was until she got bit and made him the leader

  6. You’re probably right, but I’m hoping Morgan dies soon now that Maddie is back. I hated Morgan on TWD, and I hate him on FTWD. He ruined the franchise. She’s either gonna want to kill him or turn all soft due to his kumbaya bullshit lol.

  7. Nah that’s mad what you just said, Morgan is the reason why Rick is alive and he was a sick character on the main show wtf

  8. People who vote Maddison are delusional she should’ve been out many rounds ago she was an alright character at the start but now she’s useless

  9. I wish they didn’t announce the spinoff was gonna happen because now we know daryl is gonna make it at the end of the season

  10. Don’t kill Morgan bring him back to the main show or to the spin-offs and fire the show runners who have bottled the show

  11. I was unaware this was an English language test you moron, clearly struck a nerve with this one didn’t I

  12. Not really. I just found it funny that you had the gall to call the community brain dead but still made such a very basic spelling error.

  13. The fact that madison is still in this just goes to show how fucked this list really is

  14. John should have been gone several rounds ago. He wears that stupid hat so he stands out is more unique but that’s a lie. He’s equally as boring and lame as the rest of the cast. All he’s done was mumble around the background about June and be overly positive without actually contributing anything to the group. He’s boring as shit and that cowboy hat deceives people into thinking he’s unique in some way.

  15. One of the only good characters left when he was in the show when he died the show went down hill

  16. 3rd pp players… 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Okay good kills gg to you, them on the other hand are idiot, who holds a barn like that from one side for starters. Also the last guy hiding behind the stairs really fumbled because you were focused on his teammate at the top of the stairs and he did nothing to try and stop you, literally brain dead 😂

  18. No I think it's because you'd be in third person servers n I'd be in first person servers lol just wouldn't run into each other unfortunately

  19. It would be quite lucky for you knowing how it would end up 👉🏻☠️

  20. The fact you think Travis should be out before maddison is shocking

  21. Exactly this for me! It’s like they tried to replace her

  22. She needed to be replaced she was a terrible character and it’s a shame she’s just as bad/worse in the new season

  23. The fact that madison isn’t out yet is mind blowing

  24. Maddison, she is a terrible character even more now that she has to have oxygen tanks to survive

  25. Madison would somehow run the whole thing cause the writers like making her seem so badass when she really isn’t, realistically she’d be like a Bin women or walker food pretty useless now that she needs oxygen tanks to survive

  26. One of the best characters in the game tbf he was trying to do the best for the group and wanted to help out the best he could.Also if you drop him he doesn’t stand up to kenny, witch is a big thing for his character.

  27. There is no way Morton got sent out before al and madison and so many characters on this list smh 😂

  28. He's not talking about the morale, but about the siege risk. It's almost entirely full lol

  29. Ofcourse I always use it for white noise

  30. How do people hate on Sam he would solo every character in the GOT universe.

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