1. Thought combat jiu-jitsu allowed slaps and not open hand strikes.

  2. Open hand strikes are fair game, especially strike with the heel of the hand

  3. Combat BJJ = BJJ with slap and palm strike. No other type of strikes are allowed

  4. Damn bro, the fact that you went all the way to 80+ and still managed to unga bunga your way to Lotus without knowing how to build a proper team really amazed me.

  5. The first one is a straight palm strike if you play it slow. All open palm strikes are allowed, not just slapping

  6. Judo Gene Lebell is the guy you are thinking of. The same guy who made Steven Seagal poop himself.

  7. Gene recognized Bruce's Judo skill and basically gave him a belt, don't remember what color tho. His real Judo teacher was some Japanese guy that also taught Jesse Glover

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