1. They are a lot less expensive then steel feders so a worthwile investment if you are just starting out and need a training implement.

  2. What about the rawlings as cheap and starter friendly practice sword for newbies ? Most posts asked for beginner gears i came across in multiple forums asking for synthetic swords, always have multiple comments recommend either a rawlings or a synthetic sword from purpleheart or blackfencer. I have never seen anyone recommend a synthetic feder before.

  3. Are synthetic feder even worth buying for full contact sparring ? I get that with steel, a blunt sword hits really hard and quite stiff so people have to use feder to reduce the damage with it's balance closer to the handle and flexibility. But with synthetic, with proper protective gears on, a full blow strike from a blackfencer longsword is not even that painful. A synthetic feder seems like a bit overkill in terms of safety in my opinion. What are your thoughts ?

  4. Really depends. Most average people would be impressed if you threw some triple spin midair Taekwondo kicks. On contrary, most of them would laugh at you for pulling guard and butt scoot on the ground while asking the opponent to fight you

  5. Meditation does not just mean sitting down like a monk, closing your eyes, and not moving for awhile. Personally, I think every activity that gives you peace of mind and calmness would be considered meditation. Like iaido is also considered a form of meditation since to some people, moving with sword drawing katas gives them the same results compare to the cliche meditation method. Same can be applied to karate, tkd, kungfu forms

  6. You can throw it slightly diagonally. That is a silly rules anyway and there're many ways to go around it

  7. Personally, I think most MMA fighters (not necessarily top UFC fighters, but I'm also including amateurs and guys from other organizations as well) were taught the common ground fighting tactics that BJJ taught: pass the guard, transition to mount position, punch punch, opponent turn their back, seat belt, do whatever subs you desire.

  8. Craig Douglas would disagree because you will get shanked or get hit in the back of the head before you even get a chance to deploy the firearm. Gun fu only works when you already created some distance and the firearm already deployed ready to go

  9. I always thought it was boxing vs muay thai

  10. Beef between boxing fans and MT fans are nothing more than "your punching form sucks" vs "low kick > punches". MMA fans argue with boxing fans though, could literally write a long ass book about why they even argue in the first place

  11. Mma fighters look so awkward throwing punches. Stick to humping people on the ground.

  12. You ain't punching or striking anyone without knowing how to dry hump people on the ground first lol. That's the hash truth for boxers and kickboxers when they start transitioning to MMA

  13. Misleading title, submissions are often not allowed in Kots.

  14. trust me i doubt an average dude would check your kick in street fight 2. martial artist rarely start fights + you can set it up w a jab

  15. Expecting your opponent to be an "average dude" is a shitty mindset that alot of trained people fallen into. Sure, the chance of getting in a street confrontation with an UFC champion is super low but the chance of you dealing with a hobbyist who trained 2 times a week is still quite high. Never ever underestimated your opponent and always based your training on tactics that can beat most people, not just the ones that work on only wimps

  16. nah, safest one is the one that create distance so you can get the f away. Front kicks aim down low at the knee cap or the quad is the most efficient for that, it prevents people from getting in range to punch you so you could get away instead of fighting on concrete like a moron

  17. one of my mates started at 14 and is now almost a black belt at 16 in a kyokushin dojo, granted he kept winning competitions and getting promoted on the spot, very talented human fucking being lmao

  18. Agreed. Alot of legit dojos giving out high rank belts to students who haven't learn much through the traditional training program but won a lot of medals in competition while representing that school. I think it's awesome since not all black belts are equal in every aspects of the style that they learned

  19. Because they're fundamentally different training methods ?

  20. Fundamentally, sure. But they are both practicing in the air, are they not?

  21. By your logic, full-contact fighting and semi-contact fighting are the same because they both touch the opponent to win.

  22. The key point here is that nothing is really "right" or "wrong" in martial arts and fighting in general; there are only things that work in this context and do not work in other contexts. The "fundamentals" are the things that newbies can use with confidence when they first start out, like shelling up against a barrage of punches at amateur level when their footwork is still not fully developed yet. You learn the rules so you can break them later.

  23. If you keep your hands up high all the time you'll get taken down 100%.

  24. Like Charles Olivera who is a very high level BJJ practitioners who can fight with tall stance hands up all day, because he doesn't care if he get taken down

  25. I know this one dude who practice like this all the time as well but have shitty control over his actions, saying stupid stuffs like people who fence with protection gear relied on it entirely, just tank hits and don't care about being hit, so they're not doint "real" swordsmanship of the past. Calling anyone who fence with protection gears with full force as mindless children bashing toys (synthetic swords) at each other, like how Meyer described a peasant brawl. Claiming this training method enforce "control" yet he beat up kids that he teach with full force, and when people start hitting him back he's start saying they have no control in their strikes or he has a flu that day or something. Just to show what kind of people this training method could gave birth to

  26. Me and my people train and spar with only blunt swords and masks, with varied levels of hand protection, I'm biased but I'll say people exaggerate the criticism over low gear sparring. However, we at least use head protection that allows us to reach authenticity, without at least that I'd not recommend fencing them.

  27. Yes, limited gear trumped no gear all day. Just a fencing mask is more than enough to give you some understanding of fencing without the limitation of big gloves and jacket. No gear is literally the inferior option since attacking the head is out of the equation

  28. Even BJJ guys sometime felt asleep watching their own competition. At least with Judo and Wrestling you can see and feel the impact of each throws and takedowns.

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