1. Man... OP gettin low key roasted rn 😅

  2. Do you ask all those stupid questions in all projects that you invested in?!?!

  3. Honestly Valid question at this point

  4. First step, put a shirt on. Second step, get to sanding. Third step, apply bondo. Fourth step, apply paint. *NOTE - first step is very important

  5. Just hit it with your purse to bend it back

  6. Blinker fluid. Nothing to see here...

  7. “Update coming, just wait on it” = fucking bs.

  8. Tell me the use case. Or is it just hopium

  9. Because you were bumpin lady Gaga I suppose?

  10. Only thing he’s missing is the Colt45

  11. It can’t be as hard as you think it is... judo chop that shit!

  12. Elephant print Viking is something else... MJ the goat

  13. The squeaky wheel gets the grease 😉

  14. I legit just got lightheaded and almost puked. I feel like a baby back bitch

  15. There’s no repairing that. *replace

  16. Tank is fine. Won’t expand with that little amount of water. I tap into the water pump and run it thru all the fixtures. When you dump pink down the tank it will get a smelly residue and have a gross consistency.

  17. The motor to me IMO is too small for the vessel. The prop is small on a 9.8. Seems to be cavitation. Long story short. Swapping the prop for a 4 blade or what not won’t fix the issue man. (I owned a 13 ft whaler with a 30HP evinrude then swapped it out for a 40HP two stroke with stainless prop, it ran like a raped ape)

  18. Aviara is made by mastercraft, we’re a dealer at my job. They certainly ain’t cheap

  19. Imagine sitting through 7 minutes of some random guy discussing where the price of a shitcoin will go to.

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