20f bald girl with alopecia, i don’t grow hair anywhere

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  1. She needs to work those gastrocs. She has chicken legs and they creep me out

  2. It just lava but imagining its gloom gives it a kind of cool factor and helps with a sense of connection

  3. If she were loyal the songs would fail - I'd dump her on the spot

  4. It's almost like...not every person is the same..

  5. I'd print this article out to wipe my ass with but that's a waste of good paper

  6. You're pretty. Shoutout to Kurtis Connors in the bg.

  7. Bro talks to me like he thinks I'm stupid or special needs. He doesnt clean anything and talks to me like I need instructions.

  8. I don't wana, AND - I am not in a very dateable condition.

  9. And I don't wana miss a thaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaang

  10. So what you did is erase everyone's lands including yours.

  11. A North Carolina state trooper shot and killed 29-year-old Daniel Harris - who was not only unarmed, but deaf and mute - just feet from his home, over a speeding violation.

  12. I never cross unless I'm 100% safe to do so because of vids like this.

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