1. The answer is easy. The position was crowded and was already coming down. Not to mention, it was loaded with retail traders, and it got taken down for profits. I'd say by the time you get a sell, they are starting to buy it bsvk when you sell it on the downgrade. Of course, this is an opinion. My own opinion. Or at least that was why I sold it. I suspect by summers end, I'd be looking at it to add back.

  2. I feel like you should’ve used the term “track record” more often in this post, OP.

  3. Jepi jepq are complete separate funds trading on totally different parts of the market. You certainly don't need to pick one. You are perfectly fine owning both.

  4. Exactly what I was thinking.

  5. So right now, the qqq has been the leader out of the rubble the s&p lagging, so you're fine having the jepq for the volatility and jepi for the summer cycle . It is all about paying the right price. Good luck to you.

  6. I don't know where to look for that?

  7. Yes many are. T I'd one there are a ton of yield traps to like Intel the last 10 years

  8. Yes. That's why I don't follow high yields. I'm just happy with the dividend return with consistent payouts and payout increments on a low yield.

  9. Follow smart yields . Also, for those weird volatility days, there is good old simple svol, so simple it says what it is. 😉

  10. Right here jepq will out perform due to its model based on volatility

  11. A lot of new div investors get stuck in a dividend trap, but most of the more seasoned investors know to avoid them

  12. With ai in its learning faze from us regards let's face it. 100 years from now people will say wtf did that dumbass computer say.

  13. Anything worth buying while we let them duke it out over control

  14. I just closed out my 0dte short on spx for a 90% gain. Just opened another for Monday and it’s up 50% already.

  15. You are correct. I went into jepq much cheaper. But that doesn't mean you can't hold them both. I wouldn't own just them both. But I don't think that was the question. I sold the jepi and waited it back down to re-enter. But before rhat I would have been exposed to both. At the floor there was almost no risk.

  16. Jepq and jepi track different indexes. There’s very little overlap if any. Jepq has also been greatly outperforming jepi.

  17. Jepq this year has been outperforming jepi in my portfolio. I actually sold jepi and rebuilt the position. I'm in jepq under 41 .

  18. Just exited this play for over 50% gain. Great play

  19. I was fortunate with my entry so I was able to let it ride. I was a little nervous for a couple days but it worked out. Thx sir!

  20. Lot of us got in that trade. Glad there were those who trusted math of cnbc

  21. I was assigned a Diamond Shopper. He was so good I offered him a side gig to help me out while im still just going through the chemo brain. So it couldn't have worked out better. He has already taken csre of my dogs needs and my ferret at petco. He also went to jersey to take care of my salt water reef aquarium needs. Hired.

  22. The term Russell 2000 Index refers to a stock market index that measures the performance of the 2,000 smaller companies included in the Russell 3000 Index. The Russell 2000 is managed by London's FTSE Russell Group and is widely regarded as a bellwether of the U.S. economy because of its focus on smaller companies that focus on the U.S. market.

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