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  1. If he does this once, he will do it again. Leave before it gets worse. If you forgive him for this he will take that as a sign that he can get away with much worse, you will get trapped in an abusive relationship that will be much harder to escape when you're married and if you end up having kids with him, he will likely beat your kids too. Leave and find someone who will treat you right

  2. He has actually been sober for four months now and back to his old sweet self. We're not together but keep in touch and see each other frequently.

  3. Yes its not easy for people to break up/ leave an abuser. So i guess i get why shes being defensive over him but abuse is abuse. No one gives a shit about his sob story/excuse as to why he is this way. Because regardless, he still fucking beat you.

  4. Damn maybe your fiancé beat the ever loving shit out of you cause you’re a racist trash bag?

  5. This might seem as rape for people outside the cultural system, but once you are within the same system and are not aware of alternate systems, obviously it's consensual and not rape because this is natural according to culture and it's supposed to happen. this understanding is what your truth is and u would beliebve it. Obviously the wrong here is the possible spread of diseases. Do they know what HIV is? Hell no. All these privileged western people thinking everyone in the world know what they do is more disgusting.

  6. Not giving black people a good rep

  7. I feel like this breaks some sort of law

  8. When you talk about it it doesn't sound like you're that deeply in love with your fiance, just that you think you should be, that he's a good person and he's stable and potentially will offer you a good life. But something there seems lacking in the way that it's written.

  9. I broke up with my ex because I wasn't feeling it anymore, but feelings have been resurfacing now, and I feel like it could work now that I'm changed.

  10. Man, you should like… leave some treats out for the cat strays, idk about you, but I’d take this as a sign. Every animal deserves to eat man

  11. I never see strays where I live. Just some idiot students letting their cats out unsupervised.

  12. Why do i feel like that's not how it went down

  13. I just wanna know what drives people to do this

  14. Stay in the bayou. It has the most panther spawns so by going to thieves landing you just waste time.

  15. I have literally never found any panther in the bayou spawn location

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