1. Sims played great defense to close the game (outside of the White 3P)

  2. The fact that he got the nod for the 3rd OROY nomination over Olave is absolutely insane

  3. Lance’s only full game was in a monsoon, and he didn’t get to play with a healthy Kittle or CMC. Purdy is good but they’d be making a huge mistake imo to guarantee him the starting spot over Lance

  4. Cincy is just such a great team all around with minimal holes on their roster. Combine that with an elite QB and receiving core and that’s just really tough to beat this late in playoffs.

  5. We’ve been struggling with oline issues (mainly tackle) since we whiffed on Isaiah Wilson.

  6. Dennis Daley shouldn’t have made it past September

  7. I feel like there are much better routes to take than him. Gordon isn’t who he used to be, and I’d rather go after Reddish who cost less, has better size, has a somewhat similar floor, and provides much more upside than Gordon.

  8. How is your roster construction right now? I think I’d need the 1.03 to even consider it if I was you

  9. I’ve got some good young pieces in Fields, JT, Bateman, Dotson, E Moore, and Toney but I could use another young QB and RB early on.

  10. Josh Downs reminds me of Elijah Moore. Undersized but very fast, shifty, and a great route-runner.

  11. It seems like if he’s offered a DC job he’s taking that, but otherwise he’ll accept the job in Tennessee

  12. I love the Titans pick as Paris Johnson Jr is one of my favorite prospects.

  13. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Colts trade up with the Bears just to take Levis because that seems like something Irsay/Ballard would do.

  14. He’s just Downing 2.0, I don’t get why people are even considering this guy when Ravens fans hated him as much as they did

  15. Our coaching staff really likes Chig Okonkwo, and oline is a MASSIVE hole for us since even Taylor Lewan himself expects to be cut. Mayer is a great prospect, but our offense was completely ineffective because of how bad our offensive line was, I’d love Paris Johnson Jr there.

  16. Only if it’s a cheap deal which I don’t expect. His route running is still good, but he’s lost all his burst/speed which contradicts what Vrabel is wanting to do going forward.

  17. He’ll probably compete with Jaxson Dart and be backup if he doesn’t beat him out.

  18. LOVE this, we really a new person outside of the organization and the 49ers clearly know what they’re doing

  19. I really thought we were gonna go Ian Cunningham, but you can’t go wrong with Carthon considering how successful San Fran has been over the years, I’m stoked.

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