1. Thank you. I do like her but I have more of an attachment to the other characters, it’s not her fault it’s just circumstances.

  2. But how can he be on the council and not be granted the rank of Master!?

  3. There’s a shocking lack of those these days, the only one I liked in recent memory is Spider’s Shadow.

  4. I do like Legend of Korra but it’s not as good as Avatar the Last Airbender.

  5. War for Cybertron. It let you choose who you wanted to play as in the campaign, I preferred it’s Escalation mode as there were infinite waves and you could play as whoever you wanted, you could have two light or two heavy guns or one light and one heavy gun and you could play as Ironhide, Barricade, Sideswipe etc.

  6. He did a bit of an apology your, said he was unwell and on crazy meds. I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt. We’ve all been a bit weird before.

  7. Miyagi Do, it’s emphasis on defence is good for frustrating your opponent which would let them make mistakes and it’s special moves would be useful for surprising them.

  8. Here is a list of women more beautiful than her and who seem to be genuinely good people:

  9. Don’t forget that Spider-Man’s power grew stronger over time so his early defeats may have been fair and square.

  10. The Rebels didn’t have two Sith manipulating them, the Rebels didn’t ok slavery and the Rebels didn’t blow up cities in Ryloth.

  11. No, the Rebels had 2 jedi manipulating them and they blew up 2 massive ships full of people.

  12. She’s got the head of the Auror office, a former Auror and several veterans of the battle of Hogwarts with her (all of whom are her friends).

  13. The Skywalker men have a thing for smart 5’3” insanely beautiful women who can use a blaster.

  14. The walls were probably too strong and he might have been killed by an Earth bender.

  15. Robby had the upper hand twice, the same as Miguel and even had Miguel on the floor twice. He did pretty well.

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