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  1. Ramp is not hitting land drops is about getting 5 mana / lands turn three. Even Opt can help you hitting land drops but it's not ramp at all!

  2. Ships, with the bonkers aUEC they gave out by accident . They said it was an error and might remove it.

  3. They can do better and this is not so modern, look for some su 47 / 57 crazy things!

  4. There is a way to create a 1SCU box and tractor beam it into the bunker to loot everithing (watch a youtube video for that). Keep in mind that there are also loot boxes!!

  5. cit. "The Phoenix comes with a Lynx rover and a Kruger P-72 Archimedes Fighter", seems good to me :), also the cargo capacity is 696 on the C2 vs 8 on connie. Tey are not the same really

  6. I have several questions, is that a dress if so when was that a thing and also long hair? Am I just super out of the loop?

  7. Fingers crossed! I had the impression that 30k was more a client side issue rather than server side as the frequency seems to ebb and flow from patch to patch.

  8. I can confirm this, yesterday a friend in my party crashed 3 times to 30k but I didn't, he was able to join the session again every time without loosing progress.

  9. Hy the 350i is a racer, for a combat variant look at 325a, great ship and looks good also :)

  10. The turret was glitched where sound and visual of it shooting wouldn’t display, so invisible, and would shoot even if you had the mission. I thought it was supposed to be fixed in 3.17.1 but maybe it’s not, I haven’t don’t bunkers yet.

  11. To me happened on Crusader bunkers, Hurston ones worked just fine!

  12. Keep in mind that this works only on CS 1 and 2, on 3 they just shoot you.

  13. You can buy non working coffee machine for the 300i... Seems like microtransaction to me...

  14. Or you can do it in decoupled mode and fly sideways, is a little hard but doable

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