1. People can't be serious about paying people with zero experience, and if you have experience doing an Entry level position with zero education.

  2. I'm a college grad who was thrilled to finally make over 15 dollars an hour after working for 30 years. 13 is good for this position.

  3. They don't get it. Ignorance. They think these jobs are careers to retire on. Get a clue.

  4. Tastes like Cherry Dr Pepper 💯😋

  5. Yeah I do. What’s wrong with embracing the facts of the world? Sorry i forgot not everyone payed attention in highschool...

  6. No you didn't. Embracing science has nothing to do with terms of cannabis. Education, you want to go there. That in itself shows how much experience you have.

  7. Another victim here ✋️ Black death seeping from core....Layer Cake Live Resin Luster pod. The source materials used in the construction are different, inferior. The pods seem flimsy now, go feel for yourself. I don't recall the plastic housing "squishing", does anybody else ?

  8. Yes I have had the black seeping, which is burned wick. This is why I think lusters are not a good product. Carts temperature can be regulated, lusters are not. My last purchase of GrowOhio pods I had 2-3 get like that, also a Klutch. Yeah yeah yeah to the luster fan boys who will say I hit it too hard, well then the luster concept blows all it give the user is discretion, but that in itself is against the program rules, since you have to have the original packaging and shit all with you Not one other damn state has them! So I think lusters very well may eventually die along with the mmj program once Ohians legalize cannabis. Also I agree cheap materials being used to make these pods, only reason why they would go to lusters, if it saves money. That is literally the only reason company will make a change, if it hurts their $$$ coming in.

  9. should i not use my cart if it’s doing this?

  10. Not sure on the health concerns related if you continue to vape. Probably something that needs addressed. Considering they have recommendation on devices for use in the program.

  11. Not nearly as great as any of the other LR lusters. So far the best one is the orange 43 and next is the jealousy apricot 🤤

  12. I really like the ICC x pineapple cake LR, it was perfect balanced. Never got to try the ICC LR luster but could only imagine it was ultra tasty! Definitely jealousy x Apricot was delicious and 043 is a staple point strain. I really can't wait till Woodward starts making lusters, that Blueberry Cheesecake would be so good. Had some Catfish from Klutch, would love to see that in a LR.

  13. The Klutch Live Resin ICC luster pod doesn’t taste good. The only Klutch live resin pod I haven’t tried is Big Head. As the poster above says, the best live resin luster pods from Klutch are the Orange 43 first, then the Apricot Gelato x Jealousy. The taste and potency of the first batch of Orange 43 live resin pods were absolutely amazing! Unfortunately, the Orange 43 live resin pods came back around, but I only found 2 at 1am because this is by far my favorite live resin cart I’ve tried in Ohio’s program. My next favorite live resin carts would be MAC from Cresco, not the Supply line.

  14. Totally agree the first round of 043 was fantastic.

  15. Seen some patients with kids around age 9, does CVS or Drugmart stop you from bringing in your kids, what a pathetic joke of a program for anyone to ever deal with situations where they have to decide if they can bring their kids to pick up meds. I've seen kids in the "Bar and Grill's" sure they aren't at the bar but 3 feet away really makes a clear picture 🤭 How many cigarette smokers buy cigarettes with their kids with them. There's a solution but just shows again why this program is garbage. Stuck with it or go blkmkt or travel up to Mich

  16. Agree! I can’t believe you were downvoted for this.

  17. People are ignorant, they keep strengthening the stigma of Cannabis where people won't see Cannabis as a medicine.

  18. Use the search bar next to the

  19. 😆 I think we can get it past 600%, may even be with the 10% variance.

  20. Nice tray! Kamehameha!!!!!!

  21. I've heard good things about Galenas. What's your impression on the sesh and effects? That looks like gassy flower 🔥⛽️💨 I want to try the Galenas Electric Peanut Butter Cookies, Blueberry Cookies, Orange Velvet Underground.

  22. Looks about right, may have some wick absorbing from packaging time. Who made the cart? The .84 is so that patients can max the daily usage without using more days. But really also to make more $$$ for the crooks who run this program.

  23. I agree, seems quiet but maybe the majority is busy and there will be more posts.

  24. You should repost with Flower pictures included 💯✌️

  25. I would say both too. Just depends on what you're using it for.

  26. Which Bloom? I keep hearing these long waits must be a Columbus thing.

  27. Bloom in Akron, it has been a constant “6 hour wait” all day. This is absolutely insane. I fear it’s due to how many new patients there are. It was not like this last year. Now we have a flood of people who don’t even technically have medical conditions getting qualified and flooding the scene.

  28. Went to Painesville Bloom, took less than an hour. Did an online order and called to verify order and took less than 10min call. Might be worth the drive if Akron is over populated area for dispensary. More dispensaries are coming, I'm really hoping for a new dispensary within less than 10mins of my home.

  29. See bottom of post *discounts stack

  30. Yes, definitely a good one! Try the Chem DD!

  31. 91 royale is one of the better pods I’ve had from them. How was the Bluberry Vintage?

  32. Blueberry Vintage was pretty good, over all I'd say these 3 strains could potentially be a the Triforce of cannabis tour, sativa, hybrid, and indica. Sold line up if you ask me. Getting another chem dd tomorrow and the new klutch live resin luster pod mix.

  33. I recently got the luster pods of these tasty vapes from Butterfly Effect is on point. 💯🔥💨⛽️ Great work! Excited to what is in store for 2022 and beyond!

  34. Harvest has the new BE Black Jack Live resin luster pod. I'm trying to find it up in North East Ohio but nothing so far. How was your experience since purchasing? Noticed that its only 63% thc. Nice they show the top terps. I wonder if the next batch from BE will be higher thc content percentage.

  35. I totally agree. They have 20% off BR on Wednesday's

  36. Do yourself a favor and go to Michigan and get 5 for $100 element live resin carts.

  37. Do you know what the penalty for crossing state lines with 5 grams of THC carts, I don't know so it's an honest question. I'm sure people do it and get away with it but then there's the not so lucky.

  38. Ok so the BMV has a change of address post card I can carry with my drivers license. Thanks for the help

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