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  1. Muggles Hate Him! This One Simple Trick Turned Him Into Harry Potter.

  2. Bro is scheming on a different type of hit

  3. Girl walks up to me and says, whatcha drivin I said,

  4. Somehow the most bean shaped character got sidelined

  5. same with the marathon challenges. not a fan.

  6. Nothing like a little FOMO to persuade me to pick up the controller in the morning!

  7. Me too! Love my summers. I grabbed the Craigslist special for a set of aftermarket wheels on barely used winters a few years ago. Turns out they’re Walmart quality, slowly bubbling, cracking and delaminating over time despite cleaning them. I’ve resigned myself to my whip looking scrubby half the year and fresh the other half at this point cuz funds are low lol

  8. Mine popped on one time while I was on a long road trip. Stopped at a gas station for a refill, and when I turned the car back on, the light had gone. No problems since. Keeping my fingers crossed, for you and for me!

  9. No noticeable sketchiness of any kind. Not sure if it has anything to do with my tune but hopefully I never see it come on again!

  10. The balance between casual fun and competitiveness is what does it for me. You can sit back and fuck around, interact with your fellow beans, or get sweaty and focus hard for the endorphin rush of that sweet W

  11. Ever play Worms? This is bovine blitz irl

  12. Grainy ass resolution from being reposted to death

  13. Might as well just vault the game itself at this point

  14. Psst, hey kid… you wanna buy some rare candy?

  15. I made a roadtrip from the northeastern US to Prince Edward Island, all excited for my Pachirisu, only to be devastated by learning I wasn’t far north enough

  16. If you were running earlier instead of slow jumping then they may have grabbed you to let you know you could time out the level to all win. It’s pretty common in this show

  17. That’s a fair point. However, I was slow jumping when they came at me with murder on their mind. I always go for the time out if possible

  18. I thought this was a fake Lambo until I saw the engine stats sticker. That thing is a beast!

  19. Right? After I saw each of those horsepowers, I was like woah, fast is good!

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