1. I normally give the office a heads up in case anyone is looking for me. Especially if I leave quick during my prep.

  2. One of my seniors was legitimately shocked to find out that my parents still work. I’m 32.

  3. We’re about $4,800 difference between BA and Masters. But, the bigger difference for me is that the BA lane maxes out at 14 years, so I would never get another step after that.

  4. The Tempest by Robert W. Smith

  5. My last district started requiring it before I left. I teach high school band and my rehearsal were, in large part, dependent on how the previous day’s rehearsal went. They wanted all lesson plans before the end of the day Friday for the next week.

  6. That’s the joy of teaching something that admin doesn’t understand and doesn’t care to understand. The other side of the coin was trying to explain why we couldn’t have multiple sections of band in the schedule when each would only have 7-10 kids in them.

  7. I’m trying to convince admin that we can’t have band and choir at the same time anymore. I lost 25% of my class every other day.

  8. This coming Monday, our dean of students is going to model to the entire high school staff how to teach a vocabulary lesson. For an hour.

  9. I love my Logitech. I wanted something that would protect my iPad all the time.

  10. I teach high school band, and this year, I made the decision to use my iPad for all my band scores. The ability to score study from anywhere has been amazing. I also love that I can annotate all over the music and the original paper copy is left in pristine condition.

  11. I teach high school band, and I use my 12.9” Pro for all my band scores. I agree that a large screen without being the most expensive would be amazing!

  12. Very nice! Love it when people take the time to run power so there's no dangling wires.

  13. There’s an outlet on the other side of the wall that we were able to tap into. Except after I cut the hole I discovered that my stud finder doesn’t work very well, and I had to try to feed the wires through a small hole that I was able to drill in the stud. It was interesting, but it’s been going for almost a year with no issues!

  14. Honestly, yeah, I’m enjoying my job. I teach 7-12 band, and my kids are pretty great for the most part. There are definitely are buttheads, but they’re overall not bad. My admin stays out of my business, and they’re invested in the success of my band program. Overall, it’s going pretty well!

  15. I teach music. The number of ELA and Math standards that I have had to “unpack” over the years is absurd. When an arts organization had planned a free PD specifically for music on a day that our district had a scheduled PD for the new Science standards, our request to attend the music PD instead was denied.

  16. I teach band, and I 100% identify with your comment. During my first year, we had a music specific PLC, and it was fantastic. “Leadership” decided that we should form a “specials” PLC, so now I’m with ag, food science, , art, business and the teacher that teaches study hall all day. It’s a waste of time now.

  17. It was supposed to be tomorrow (1/3), but we have a snow day now.

  18. I’ll preface this by saying that I really do love my children. However, they’ve been home all but two days, and my wife and I are ready to ship them to the circus. I’m ready for school and a routine to start back up.

  19. I’ve never identified with lyrics quite like this before.

  20. That sounds like a really efficient approach. What kind of cost should we expect if we were to pursue that option, if you don’t mind me asking?

  21. $595/credit and 34 credits.

  22. Cheaper than some of the coastal schools we’ve seen for sure. I’ll send this one over to her, sounds like an option to explore for sure. Thanks!

  23. https://concordiacontinuingstudies.com/graduate-accelerated-post-bacc/master-of-music/

  24. We freeze dry our leftovers, and it works incredibly well!

  25. Honestly, that’s the the best way to do it. I don’t have a freeze dryer though 😞.

  26. We ended up with a lot back from taxes last year (we had a baby the previous year), and decided to treat ourselves.

  27. I came up studying classical music; pro musician now. I’d recommend finding a music store nearby (Schmitt, etc) for a good rental. Some of these places also have rent-to-own programs. It’s hard to find the value crossover where owning vs renting makes sense, and waiting for the right deal can be crucial. I was a talented student who studied for a long time on a rental!

  28. In my earlier years of teaching, I tried really hard to leave detailed rehearsal plans. Every time I came back, however, I found a note that basically said “it didn’t work, so they had a study hall.”

  29. I sent a picture of the turkey in the brine to my mother yesterday. She asked me if I was boiling it in the brine.

  30. “You chose this by choosing to misbehave.”

  31. I’ve always maintained that if students are calling you a nickname, and they’re doing so from a place of respect, I’m 100% for it. To me, it demonstrates that you have a good relationship and rapport with your students. They wouldn’t bother if they didn’t like you. Actually, they would, but it wouldn’t be something you like.

  32. A Craig victory, coupled with Herschel Walker and Lauren Boebert losses would be so sweet…

  33. This isn’t helpful, but when I did this challenge a few years ago, I learned that one of my students taught himself to circular breathe because he was bored. I let him go for four minutes before I finally stopped him.

  34. Through a local SAFER Grant that is being worked on. Gift cards with an amount depending on your training, fundraising, meeting and call percentages.

  35. Uffda. I’m also a volunteer, but we’re paid $20/hour when we’re on a call. Hopefully you can convince someone to fix that!

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