1. Lazarus Naturals has been great for me. I get the 120mL full spectrum hemp flavored tincture..nearly instant relief after just 1/2 mL under the tongue, thus it lasts me months! Also Lazarus offers a huge disability discount, 60% off I believe. From what I understand if someone has been diagnosed anxiety for example, they just need proof from a doctor and bam a 120$ 120mL bottle is now 48$! They also have fruit tarts that are nicely flavored and help calm me down.

  2. This is one of those “picture does not do it justice”, those puppies are towering! Thanks for sharing

  3. Great work, we all start somewhere

  4. Subletting Studio Apartment on corner of Neil and W Northwood for Spring 2023!! (January 2023-August 2023). Spacious, gas stove, cozy, very close walk to campus as well as Tuttle Park. Rent is 695$. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

  5. Subletting Studio Apartment on corner of Neil and W Northwood for Spring 2023 (January 2023-August 2023). Spacious, gas stove, cozy, very close walk to campus as well as Tuttle Park. Rent is 695$. Feel free to reach out with any questions!

  6. polishing the pewter can always wait

  7. You ain't foolin' anyone boss..excellent 3D printing technique, nature could never

  8. Selling 38A Tulsa ticket 25$, can meet up to confirm ticket transfer-ticket SOLD

  9. I highly recommend exploring around Tuttle park area along the olentangy river. If you go further down the river there are quite a few trails off of the bike path along the river and even a boardwalk in a wetland conservation area. While it may not be much of a hike along a flat river, In just one semester of exploring I cam across otters, hawks, deer of course, and even a bobcat. All the binge watching in the world can not can compare to a walk in nature. Feel free to send a PM! I just got back from a hiking trip and am always looking for new adventures.

  10. I have read that taking warm showers in the evening are good because your body tries to cool itself down-making for ideal sleeping conditions. There is certainly a lot science in hot and cold contrasting and I think it's all for the better. When you are in the cold it is important to focus on your breathing, particularly belly breathing, to calm your nerves. Keep up the good work! No progress is too little here.

  11. I still think you need to watch out when it starts hurting/burning.

  12. for a cold bath I agree but in the shower as long as your head is not in pain things should be okay

  13. "Keep the good habits rolling. No progress is too little here."

  14. Absolutely right. I have just now been getting into the literature on contrast therapy. Particularly heat shock proteins and how they are activated after sauna use. It's worth looking into if you have not already. Thanks for the link

  15. F3 and F4 came through Dayton&Beavercreek Ohio this last May. I was in the basement and remember seeing lawn furniture get tossed right as it hit us and that’s when I knew the winds were well over a hundred mph. I digress

  16. It is awesome to see so many people implementing these hard earned, healthy habits. I've been doing cold showers + sauna, 18:6 fasting, and nofap. I have found meditation to be more difficult than taking a 45 degree shower. Now that I am thinking about, when I am in the cold that IS my meditation. Calm breathing in the sauna also serves as great meditation for me. We are all so very different but I firmly believe these habits can serve as the the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Well done lad!

  17. Good stuff!!! Glad to hear that we share many of these healthy habits. Indeed, I think meditation might be a little harder to implement but just as you said, you can calmly practice breathing exercises in the Sauna and that will do it.

  18. Are you finding that the fasting also adds to better energy levels?

  19. absolute beast! Depending on how cold your shower is I recommend letting the water hit your face particularly around the nose while holding out your hands in the stream. It does not take long too get into a meditative state while doing this. You will have a deep urge to breathe as the mammalian dive reflex is activated. Take deep breaths and try to be mindful of them. then you will be an i9

  20. This is awesome. I hope that by the end of the decade health care is flipped on its head. Let's peel back the onion and get to the root of problems. You are doing just that with healthy habits. There is no pill that could ever give the benefits and sensations of a cold shower. I have been obsessed with cold showers for about four months now and I crave them for all the reasons you outlined!

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