1. Foxconn is offering new incentives to convince workers who left the Zhengzhou factory last month to return. Foxconn hopes to entice its veteran workers to come back to get its iPhone production back to normal. With the holiday season just around the corner, Apple will surely demand more iPhone units.

  2. The hybrid rice has been introduced to nearly 70 countries and regions on five continents in the world.

  3. Foxconn Chair Young Liu,the first Taiwanese entrepreneur invited to give a speech at the B20 Summit taking place alongside the G-20 summit in Bali.

  4. Hong Kong to join the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the world's largest trade pact, and serve as a trade bridge between China, ASEAN and the rest of the world.

  5. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang is in Taiwan meeting suppliers and customers including TSMC, ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte to work together to go through difficult times.

  6. Real GDP growth accelerated to 3.9% yoy in Q3 (Q2-22: +0.4%), which was better than market expectations (3.3%). The rebound also reflects the impact of support measures in the form of piecemeal monetary easing, targeted fiscal support and a relaxation of macro-prudential measures including for real estate.

  7. The most elusive, wild, wonderful world of North Korean Android smartphones

  8. The western media never showed the full video. That was how President Hu walked into the Great Hall of the People, with help.

  9. Hello, Christmas! Chinese fast-fashion retailing giant Shein launches "second-hand" trading service in US. it is going to be out of control, because it is fast and cheap!

  10. Asia's economies are on a “different path” to Europe this winter, less challenged by high energy prices and high inflation. Therefore, a greater freedom in stimulate and growth-oriented policies for economic growth.

  11. Smart city development is transitioning to a "Super Smart City", where the cities will have "AI City Brains" intelligently connecting suppliers with consumers. The concept of smart city development has been incorporated in the 14th Five Year Plan (2021 to 2025) development goals. this could be the best investment opportunity for the Chinese start-ups working on developing smart cities mission, which has been proven to be the most significant driver for the growth of the real estate and infrastructure industry.

  12. Taiwan has been taking monthly inventories of critical supplies including food, minerals, chemicals and energy, Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs Chen Chern-chyia said yesterday.

  13. 'Family Guy' Predicted The Future Again.

  14. North Korea on Tuesday fired an intermediate-range ballistic missile

  15. China’s Gen Z has reached 233 million, and the consumption scale reached 4.94 trillion Yuan, accounting for 11.2% of total consumption in China in 2021.

  16. Fact Check-Clip of nighttime explosion at a warehouse shared online in September 2022 was filmed in Tianjin, China, in 2015

  17. 神經病,不是神經系統疾病,是我在罵人。

  18. Premier Li Keqiang told Japanese business community representatives that China will deepen its reform and opening policy, which has been an important engine for China's economic growth and international trade represents 47% of China's GDP. And, China will ensure a “transparent, stable and predictable” regulatory environment to ease the concert of the zero-covid policy, and maintain its status as a hotspot for foreign investment.

  19. i guess not everyone can understand some artworks, I can not see any talent. What's the point of the hand movements? I ask myself, am i being disrespectful. i just don't understand this ceremonial performance. none of the movements has anything to do with the military custom, but more like a marching band of parade.

  20. “little people have little minds.”

  21. China plans to launch three unmanned missions to the Moon after discovering a new lunar mineral Changesite-(Y) (嫦娥石), that could be a future energy source.

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