1. It's my understanding the spawns depend on how many players are in the lobby. I've yet to see maxed out lobbies. So, if there are only the minimum amount it's going to kick everyone to the most outward and distant areas. If it were more populated , it would start using the second/third tier spots.

  2. Was this last night? I saw this happen in a lobby I was in

  3. I mean if you're going up against a full clan with randoms, the other team are communicating, I would expect to lose

  4. Thank you for this review. I've been eyeing the purple holograph automatic for a long time but something about the company sketches me out. I could see from the stock photos that the straps looked cheap. They also seem to price the pieces way high ($500 for the one I was looking at) and then constantly advertising limited time sales of ~20% off. To me, they look like sub $200 watches. After searching for this one, I constantly get ads for other Chinese made watches who I guess ripped off the design and they're around $100. I think I'm going to steer clear of all of them, which is a shame because I love the look.

  5. Just watched this for the first time recently with my GF. We thought it would be fun to take a little mushrooms beforehand, she fell asleep 5 minutes in and left me to fend for myself. It was a great time.

  6. 10 Dino nuggies 3 pizza rolls a slice of Texas toast and a glass of chocolate milk

  7. If it's a nut, it can be chiseled off without breaking the stud, assuming the threads on the stud aren't damaged too

  8. Yeah, do you known default ? Also: I have no idea how this changed by itself, like all of a sudden, I couldn’t move when aiming

  9. I don't know the default, and I'm not on right now to look, but I imagine there's a button to "reset" to normal. No idea why it changed for you randomly.

  10. I took my vacation time to play the game at launch and I only play HC. Now just slogging through the unlock process in core and it sucks.

  11. maybe the devs just don't want people jumping everywhere. looks stupid

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