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I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

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  1. They can come lick the exit strategy outta my itchy anus

  2. And this chocolate donut is for you 🫱🍩🫲

  3. Uh no I’m not risking broken glass in my ass. I’ve dealt with hemorrhoids but I’m not that stupid.

  4. I wish Reddit did in-line videos cause the amount of shitposts and references I would post here would get me banned Lmao

  5. They don’t use it. Their broker might. I don’t remember which broker they use but I highly doubt all orders going to lit markets.

  6. They all go to the NYSE. A lot exchange. We’ve timed and tracked purchases.


  8. I mean it started out as me traumatizing Ken at inopportune moments for him.

  9. I fell off the gym wagon for a couple weeks but I'm back and blasting a muscle group that has been getting a free pass feels so good. Rip my tris

  10. Sure Pro Week is cool…. How about Pro NFT drop? How about utility for my pass?

  11. Love the fact that I just spent close to $200 buying CDs of albums that aren’t available on streaming right now. Thanks to the record companies.

  12. Dude, I feel like physical is the way to go. Everyone laughs at me because I buy cds, blu ray, records, etc, but it's because I'm not so sure we'll have access in the future (things go out of production, contracts fail, ownership changes hands). I'd so much rather have it and use it when I want it. I of course use my phone for music, but I want to be prepared, lol.

  13. Yeah MOASS is all about owning physical good

  14. What about the “not a bailout” SVB received to pay back customers? Oh yeah right. Teachers are members of us Poors. Nevermind

  15. Good job mate! I tried "escaping" to Colorado in my early 20's, but really just chased my high school sweetheart out there after my dad passed away. Ended up even worse for me after the gf and I broke up, my only friend out there passed away, and I squandered all my savings on stupid shit and crazy high rent. Now I've been back in Ohio for too long and trying to plan my next escape.

  16. I mean. I guess I should phrase it as, I’m glad my parents dragged me out of Ohio at a young age for schooling lmao.

  17. Tonight’s album is Soulwax’s 2006 remix album Nite Versions.

  18. Full disclosure this recommendation is cause I was listening to the 15th Anniversary edition and hated it.

  19. Okay full disclosure I’ve never listened to a full Miley Cyrus album but tonight I decided to give her a chance cause new music is always fun to listen to.

  20. We bumped Party in the USA non-stop while running through Baghdad, guys would play it over our comms. Best time ever 🇺🇸🔫

  21. Lmao yeah I’m not saying I escaped ever listening to a Miley Cyrus song. I was a teen during Hannah Montana airing live.

  22. They can be locked to a specific L2 though.

  23. Knowing Epig, they’ll want their own NFT marketplace.

  24. i recommend rice next time too. same time to cook as the broccoli and you’re full so the weed pen is better

  25. it’s super easy to season. soy sauce, anything you do like you can mix with it

  26. Got an email from my financial institution saying “we’re fine”! MOASS is starting to feel like it’s here fellas! 🚀

  27. My dad works for a bank listed up there and he got an email Friday from the bank essentially saying “we’re fine” too.

  28. What does "delta" mean in the context here?

  29. I mean even if he is implying DRS, the delta is the difference between owning the stock in your name, and owning the rights to a stock in a brokerage.

  30. So basically, it’s a bailout that didn’t need to be approved by the federal government because the Federal Reserve is a private entity, but since the Federal Reserve is the one who prints all of our money, it’s basically a bailout with inflation involved. Is that a decent summary?

  31. Honestly I’ve not listened to them much! One I’ve been meaning to get around to.

  32. Let the free market behave naturally. Anything else is some command economy bullshit. Take all of capitalism for all not just for some.

  33. Yup. There's some people who's sole income is doordash

  34. Sometimes they even push options while doing so

  35. Like to the food… trying to get the food they deliver to buy options? 😂

  36. No I’m throwing shade at a previous member here.

  37. I even took a look at SVB’s webpage and some of their clients are Zola, ZipRecruiter, Rezilient, BeyondHQ.

  38. "Video-streaming giant Roku said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that it holds about $487 million, or roughly 26%, of its cash and cash equivalents at SVB. “The Company’s deposits with SVB are largely uninsured. At this time, the Company does not know to what extent the Company will be able to recover its cash on deposit at SVB,” Roku wrote in the filing, sending shares down nearly 4% in after-hours trading"

  39. Plays way too much Minecraft and unity to be 100% linear, and obsessed with his pom

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