1. I’m 46. I’ve been through tough times as a fan. I’m relishing the fact we are in a position to go to the SB in back to back years, have an all time great QB, and we are so good people hate us. Things have changed. Embrace it.

  2. 47 here. I feel the same way. Fuck em. Fuck em all. Who Dey!

  3. As soon as the draw came out that we would likely play the Ravens again in the wildcard round the Ravens started to plan for the playoff game. The Bengals didn't get that luxury thanks to the coin flip situation so we had to show a bit more of our hand than the Ravens did. I would've been more surprised if the Bengals had blown them out last night. Against that defense, with two games/weeks to prepare, we were put in a really hard spot and still came out on top. I'm choosing to see it as a positive.

  4. It’s all about matchups. There’s no other team in the playoffs I’m scared of now that Baltimore is gone. They hate us (and we hate them) so they obviously elevate their play against us. Compounded by the tight play calling in the second half of that game. Buffalo is going to be tough but I think we matchup well with them.

  5. Eagles and Cowboys are worrisome in the NFC with their pass rush, but obviously we can worry about that if we make it to the Super Bowl.

  6. How bout some love for that pooch! What kinda dog? He’s a good lookin dude!

  7. I’m only nervous about the Vikings and the 49ers. Vikings because we don’t have experience playing them, and the 49ers because they were TOUGH last season. Maybe the Bills/Chiefs, we drop one, but I think we go 15-2 if we are really on our best game all season.

  8. I’m feeling like they gotta play us! Right, Duff??

  9. Because I pay attention to the NFL. Despite their recent success (very recent), Paul Brown insists on being Owner, President AND General Manager. He acquired the talents for those positions by working his ass off to be the son of the guy that owned the team before. There are about two decades worth of "players don't get Gatorade or bottled water" stories showing how cheap he is. Hell, they only had ONE scout before Marvin Lewis showed up. One.

  10. I’ve been a Bengals fan for 40+ years. I know my team very well. I also know how things “used to be”. Katie Blackburn is running things now, and has been for a few years. Hence the “recent success”. I was just curious why you were taking shots at a team for sticking up for themselves.

  11. No, I'm just taking easy pot shots at Brown to make a point about optics.

  12. My bad. Didn’t see that. I joined this sub when y’all drafted Mahomes. I’m in Lubbock and a huge fan of the kid (Wreck Em Tech). Y’all definitely got me through for a couple years until we finally got a dude in Burrow. Good luck the rest of the way.

  13. Chuck Norris’ tears can cure cancer. Too bad he’s never cried.

  14. If you are old… you know these shoes sat and were not iconic lol. I’m confused af

  15. They sat because they were the first shoe to eclipse the $100 mark back in the day. That was insane in ‘86-‘87.

  16. I’m 47…. and even though I had (and loved) the AJ1, the 2 is what turned me into a sneakerhead. I was in 6th grade and pretty much the only kid in my grade that had them. The oh’s and ah’s I got back then created a monster.

  17. Bengals fan here. I say this with 100% seriousness going into this week: “Broncos country, let’s ride!”

  18. The Bengals receivers are all pretty quick/athletic. Not quite on par with the Chiefs or Lolphins in speed, but not far off. If Dane plays over half the snaps we are going to lose, plain and simple. They will pick on him all game and it'll work.

  19. The Bengals receivers are more physical than the Chiefs/Phins though.

  20. This feels like when two kids become friends then have to compete against each other. I’ve come to enjoy Bengals Fans the last few years.

  21. We feel the same, Bills bros. Should be an awesome game.

  22. Makes sense, your recollection of the bengals quarter backs is limited to Kitna, Palmer and Dalton, and a team that made it to the playoffs 7 times… the 90s were a dark period in Bengal history.

  23. Most talented probably, greatest..not yet but give it time. He's gonna be a top 10 all time nfl qb when all is said and done I think.

  24. If he gets 5 more wins this season, it’s a definite yes.

  25. The worst part of this is that we are making Burrow look like Mahomes

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