1. Bros taking Algebra 2 as a senior ☠️

  2. I think this is actually pretty plausible, especially when you think about the Deltarune prophecy—the “angel” (Asriel) will return from afar, and this will bring about an important event, maybe even the end of the world. The Roaring, which is supposedly an apocalyptic event, is also associated with the “Angel’s Heaven”. Although it hasn’t been clarified what this means, it seems likely that it has something do with Asriel and his return from college.

  3. All the Chopin ballads are monstrously difficult. I think especially no.4 can sound easier than it is even to the trained ears.

  4. Yeah I found that out the hard way

  5. If you have to ask, you’ll never know

  6. Really dead? As opposed to what, just a little dead?

  7. Somebody on this sub suggested that he should be able to do self-knockback with his melee, which would let him push off walls or jump higher by kicking the ground. I think this would be a cool way to double down on his melee buff and give him a little more movement capability.

  8. It sounds unnatural. “Other than” is used incorrectly here. I would replace it with “but then.” Also, if everything was currently going well, he wouldn’t be drinking so I would change “everything is going well” to the past tense. The version of the sentence that sounds most natural to me is “everything was going well, but then he started drinking again.”

  9. You could also keep “other than” by saying “other than the fact that…”

  10. It sucks either way. Not that you did a bad job, the punchline is just so fucking stupid that both suck bonobo dick. I agree that the 3rd panel is pointless though. (But so are panels 1, 2 and 4)

  11. It’s funnier in its original text post form

  12. First off, Google basic punctuation and its uses. How you made it to high school and got a job without learning how periods and commas work I have no clue.

  13. I7 to iv so iv is temporarily tonicized, then slap the 6 on that thang to point it back to I

  14. Use B7 to get to E major, then do a “Mario Cadence” (A-B-C#)

  15. And bro can’t even spell uninformed 🤦‍♂️

  16. Your twitter is: damn uniformed

  17. You have a FNAF profile pic, I’d say probably not

  18. I didnt know inverse floor was a thing 💀

  19. You shouldn’t look up “potion seller” on YouTube

  20. I would play the heck out of this class. I miss Soul Gust so much…

  21. Cap—a lie/falsehood. Commonly used in these phrases:

  22. Probably just me, but I got pretty tired of the “Beep Beep Richie”

  23. Well, the Losers Club certainly didn’t, judging from how they would burst into uncontrollable fits of laughter every time anybody said it

  24. I have to say Hunter just because of the new grapple

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