1. Brothers in arms! Today is game gay. Let us go into battle together and take this victory for ourselves! Onward to a wonderful bye week.

  2. All we’ve had were journeyman through the years.

  3. DNP on Thursday and Limited today with a questionable designation. His foot.

  4. Oh no. Just saw. That's no good. It's that why he was so limited against the falcons ?

  5. Maybe? Ron said in an interview it was because BRob was so successful…but the truth comes out. Idk though.

  6. Hopefully we won’t see anymore threads crying about letting Hopkins go. 🤔

  7. Who was crying over that? I forgot Hopkins existed.

  8. A 30 yarder? Ha! Glad to have Joey…that’s for sure.

  9. I was curious and stupid enough to open the link and read it and now my day is ruined as well😪

  10. I looked into it a couple years ago…and never attempted to go back. Ignorance is bliss.

  11. Taylor went off for 300 passing yards.

  12. My biggest fear of this bye is loss of our current momentum. It’s gonna be on coaches and captains to keep that same energy post bye. For now though, everything comes down to the giants game pre bye

  13. They took Thanksgiving completely off. No walk throughs or anything and still came in focused to pull out a close one against Atl. I think Ron can keep them in it.

  14. They have indeed. Pick 32 here we come.

  15. Hey Giants fans, what’s up with Golladay and why hasn’t he been productive?

  16. That’s what I was afraid of. Wanted to check with the fans to make sure.

  17. Imagine walking into a Giants/Cowgirls/Commies bar in Eagles gear and being like " Hey brothers we're all in this together, NFC Beast right?" I'd hope to get shit thrown at me. The SEC like conference love is bozo energy. I hope ya'll lose out and your stadiums burn down.

  18. If it’s worth anything, I hate your franchise the least out of the ones here

  19. He is still a stud, just isn’t getting the opportunities he did with Wentz.

  20. Holcomb is so underrated. The guy is still the leading tackler on the team and he hasn't played for the last 5 games, he's a workhorse, he's not that well known so he will be comparatively cheap. I get we need to let people walk, but someone that is such a huge net positive for such little investment? I don't get that at all.

  21. The staple of your defense going forward should be Jonathan Allen, Daron Payne, Kam Curl, and Derrick Forrest.

  22. I think they will attempt to keep him but he isn’t someone they can’t replace.

  23. Yes. I think they will go to the playoffs honestly.

  24. Giants might find a way exploit. Cowboys game for example.

  25. I get that but isn’t that the bare minimum requirement of a returner?

  26. Steven Sims was explosive but couldn’t hold onto it. See the difference.

  27. Looks like heavy rain in the first half, dont see either team passing much.

  28. I hope your team turns this into clip board material and blows the Eagles away.

  29. I panicked at the thought of playing without St Juste but Danny Johnson is a solid backup CB. I have confidence in his ability to hold it down if Juste needs more time. We need Juste for the NY games and Niners.

  30. Not just Alex Smith but like literally 80% of our roster was on IR.

  31. No but the New York coaching staff is looking really good.

  32. Feels like Tennessee 2.0, no? IMO we have to win this game and then beat NY next week to stay in the playoff race

  33. Both NY games for sure. No question.

  34. I feel like playing the giants twice with a bye week in the middle is more advantageous than trying to beat the cowboys who might be battling for better seed position.

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