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  1. Some doors in London have knobs on the other side.

  2. Fuck you and take my upvote lol

  3. This is second on my list of impractical jokers. The first one is

  4. For me it's gotta be the dentist chair when sal keeps raising it up. Kills me

  5. i feel like ill be playing this in daylight with no headphones, I don't care if thats not optimal as i don't want to shit my pants haha

  6. Troy Baker, the actual voice & body of Joel is also on set, as NC ? Don't who that will be but it's pretty cool also to have him on board !

  7. Yeah and the actress who plays Ellie in the games. They both have side roles in the series. Neil mentioned it at the summer games fest

  8. Just you wait until they get a real life women actor to play abby and she's jacked. I can already see them typing "REEEEEEE, girls can't be that muscular. It's not realistic." While being 300 pounds and covered in cheetos.

  9. I’m in the same boat as OP, watching these shows pre- vs. post- drug addiction is a completely different experience. Same with BoJack Horseman

  10. Yup. The whole last series of bojack makes my skin crawl in places.

  11. Bojack is surprisingly tragic for a cartoon. Post addiction it’s almost too hard to watch how real it gets.

  12. Yeah the relapse a year later scared the shit out of me. Maybe in a good way, it's very much a reality that they hit harder after sobriety because your body can't handle it and the potential to die shoots up.

  13. Yeah but nobody liked that change, so they might as well revert it lol. Let’s be honest, The Coalition have no idea what they’re doing with the franchise.

  14. Apart from ya know, delivering the best gears game to date with 5...

  15. The order. That world has so much potential

  16. Make bed, some form of exercise, breakfast, try not to rush to work and get in something you enjoy in the morning

  17. Add in that it takes a nonsensical amount of button clicks to change one perk in a package.

  18. What you can change perks and not just put up with what they give you?!

  19. Richard madden would be the perfect choice tbh. Scottish, young enough, was basically bond in the bodyguard.

  20. The body, I've lost, the comrades, I've lost... won't stop hurting

  21. Same thing happened when I started SSRIs SNRIs. It made me crave booze like crazy. Currently weaning off and hoping not drinking will keep the anxiety down.

  22. This is so dumb. Like 80 percent of the world's greenhouse gasses are created by 3 companies. So yeah, me turning my TV off at the wall is really gonna help smh.

  23. It's ridiculous to assign 'greenhouse gasses' to '3 companies'. Read this 'fact check' article, discussing the (similar but different) claim that 71% of emissions are created by 100 companies - that '71%' includes the actual consumption of oil by consumers; only about 19% of the emissions are from the removal, refinement, and distribution of oil; the rest is created when consumers buy the product and put it in their cars to burn as fuel. Can you blame that on 'companies'?

  24. Wasn't talking about oil you thick fuck. I was talking about "greenhouse". 71 percent of 100 is still 71. You literally quoted yourself . Top CCP boot licker

  25. https://www.activesustainability.com/climate-change/100-companies-responsible-71-ghg-emissions/

  26. Bro, i can't with these 2, the games they play with us lmao

  27. They played us like a damn fiddle

  28. Geoff is most likely desperately seeking attention again. At least he hasn't another overpromising & underdelivering show until December.

  29. I thought summer games fest was actually the saving grace for game reveals this year

  30. Loved it. Went in not knowing what I was gonna watch

  31. Don't care if this is fake or not. I'm dying. Happy batday, birthman

  32. gotta be deathloop: directors cut surely

  33. "Joel would have never trusted that racoon, its not in his nature"

  34. The "fans" are going to scrutinise the shit out of the this no matter what happens. I wouldn't worry about it tbh, just make a great tv show

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