Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signed a law guaranteeing free breakfast and lunch for all students in the state, regardless of parents income

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  1. Navel oranges were a mutation on a sweet orange tree discovered at a monastery in Brazil by a monk in the early 1800s. Since navel oranges are seedless, this monk grafted this mutated fruit and sent a sample of this mutation to universities in the US. The navel orange eventually made its way into the retail market and is one of the most popular fruits today so the, literal, billions of navel oranges sold since are genetically the same clone from the one random mutation that a monk noticed at a monastery in Brazil.

  2. The victims of Zach Wester, the ex-North Florida deputy convicted of planting drugs on innocent drivers, will share in a nearly $1 million federal court settlement,

  3. Hit us with a few questions Op

  4. We should start punishing these liberal judges that think it’s okay to release criminals back into society

  5. This guy was released as per a mass commutation by current GOP Governor Kevin Stitt. The guy was in prison for drug offenses so I doubt anyone thought he would commit a triple homicide once released.

  6. A Milwaukee man pleaded guilty in court Tuesday after being charged with disorderly conduct in connection to a viral video that allegedly shows him holding another man by the neck.

  7. “Allegedly” but the guy is straight out holding him by the neck 😂

  8. fr. I think as a general practice, newspapers will always add “alleged” unless there’s a conviction. Probably a liability thing.

  9. What’s your idea of a lucrative job and amazing pay?

  10. Well for my current standards of living I’d probably say anything above $27 an hour is amazing pay. A lucrative job to me could be anything that’s highly specialized or at least sounds cool from the title of the job lol

  11. For sure. At 21, in a medium COL area, $54K offers a solid lifestyle. Especially if you have roommates and no kids.

  12. Is Big Mac sauce Thousand Island dressing?

  13. Queer healthcare right are protected too.

  14. How is that diff from regular old healthcare rights?

  15. Back in my ps1 days, I owned maybe 10 games but borrowed another dozen from friends. I remember it being a rich and diverse gaming experience. Now I have, literally, hundreds of titles available to me on the ps5 with more than half never been played. Part of that is that I’m an adult gamer and I can afford to buy more games but there has def been a fundamental change in the number and variety of games available to the average gamer.

  16. Vodka, sauna, metal music and maybe being uncool to indigenous Sami

  17. Honestly I might join tomorrow based on the above paragraph alone.

  18. I tried to do Costco but I could only get out there on weekends. Way too busy. Driving around for 20 mins to find parking and waiting 30 mins to checkout bookend a ridiculously crowded shopping experience.

  19. People who obsess over having kids or having no kids are weird. It reeks of defensiveness or regret.

  20. It's crazy and sad seeing people in the US celebrate stuff that is still like a fraction of what countries with something resembling workers rights get.

  21. Can’t eat the elephant in one bite.

  22. Not sure how widespread or how long this has been in place at this airline but here’s an article.

  23. First time we took the kids to Disney, they were in year round school and their first break was mid Sept. since that when everyone else went back to school, the parks were mostly empty. It was considered off season (tho the weather was still great), they comped us the meal plan and the whole week we were there, they didn’t turn on the Fast Pass system because there weren’t enough people there to justify it. It was pretty sweet.

  24. As a southerner, my only question is fried chicken with B&G? I always have had B&G as a breakfast food. So it’s always paired with eggs and bacon and such. Definitely not with fried chicken and sweet tea.

  25. Not traditional per se but I’m in NC and there’s a local place here that makes a dish that’s a big buttermilk biscuit with a fried chicken breast, over easy egg, bacon, all covered in sausage gravy. It was so dang tasty.

  26. Okay, I'm also in NC, so please divulge this place. Also, if you're ever in Raleigh, try Mandolin's B&G, easily the best I've ever had.

  27. Bass Lake Draft House in Holly Springs.

  28. We had performance reviews in January and I got a 10% merit increase that I saw in my paycheck 2 weeks later. No info on bonuses though.

  29. You sure that was your merit? Merit increases would take effect at the same time for most employees within a company and both you and Op are with Syneos.

  30. It’s so sad knowing that she’s obviously doing this to try and avoid/shorten her prison time. She needs to just grow up and take accountability.

  31. It’s a federal sentence, she has to serve a minimum 85% of the 11 years. So a minimum of 9 years 4 months. You can earn up to 54 days of reduction per year for good behavior so she could reduce her sentence by approx 600 days or 20 months. So I suppose she could serve as as little as 7 years and 8 months of her 11 year sentence.

  32. Bonuses are tied to the financial performance of the company and department as well as individual performance. Syneos lost something like 60% of their market cap in 2022. There is zero chance of bonus this year.

  33. For single player, I find myself gravitating towards games I can play in bite sized bits of time and still feel like I got a full game session (Returnal, Slay the Spire, Hades and Orcs must die 3 are in my current rotation).

  34. Oh interesting. So you wouldnt have purchased a home had you not had kids? What would you have done in retirement as a renter?

  35. I suspect we would have bought eventually but homeownership was mostly a concept with no hard timeline but having kids defined the timeline for us.

  36. And would you have had kids if you werent in a financial position strong enough to buy a home?

  37. Interesting question. Difficult to answer objectively since I have the benefit of hindsight. I suppose I’d say yes but probably only one kid.

  38. I prefer to just say 12 million dongs and then giggle like a toddler

  39. I’ve interviewed (literally) hundreds of people. And while a lot of the responses here sound good, most are garbage. You’re not going to impress an interviewer with questions about “What does success look like”, “What’s my day to day”, “What are your pain points”. No one expects you to come in and save the whole company. They sound like good questions but will add zero value to the interviewer’s assessment of you as a candidate.

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