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  1. If you could get the hammer to strike the firing pin hard enough, it would.

  2. No more communism or fascism fight for freedom. Fight for the USA

  3. ulelelelellelelelleleeeelelleleleellelelleeelllelelelellelelelelelelelekeleellelelele the turtle

  4. If you wait to beat up furries until a day when they can't fight back, you are just admitting you are afraid of furries beating your ass.

  5. Well i'm not, i have an old working T-34 tank i found in germany because i'm not just beating furries.

  6. T - 34 tanks have a 76.2 mm (3.00 in) F-34 tank gun (T-34-85: 85 mm ZiS-S-53 or D-5T gun) which is blowing up part, but i can run over furries over and use the 2 Γ— 7.62 mm (0.3 in) DT machine guns and of to kick furries

  7. I don’t understand the tide pod but it’s funny. But I do think that’s girls a dumbass trump supporter

  8. STOP you do not want to start the women's suffrage movement again because if feminist see this we fucked up.

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