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  1. Stuck at work but on behalf of all NHS staff thank you and fuck the Tories!

  2. Have you contacted NCT? They’re pretty good with lost property.

  3. Yeah I've been chasing them up but nothing yet, nightmare

  4. Allahu akbar is a common phrase in Islam about as similar as 'praise god' in Christianity, it's not a terrorist catchphrase

  5. Right, now, question, since you seem knowledgeable. Would a Muslim use that phrase as an exclamation at something awe striking (good or bad) in the same way that christians might say “oh god” or “god help us”? Just trying to equate it to something that I can relate to so that I can try to understand it better. I know what it means, but not it’s use in normal speech.

  6. Definitely not in a blasphemous way like we would use out of frustration, using Allah's name in vain is considered haram (forbidden). I think it's used mainly in the context of being grateful to God and/or recognising his greatness (the most common translation of the phrase is "god is great") which is why you would hear it commonly chanted during prayer for example. Non-muslim so not the best source, and I'm not sure what it could mean in the context of this video - grateful to God for this woman's beauty? Recognising God's will for this woman to be married? Celebrating this woman's marriage in the name of God? Either way it's a very sacred phrase.

  7. Who taught you that teeth were made of bone....

  8. pretty sure you can be any age and have a speech impediment

  9. Danny's opposite sneinton market I'm pretty sure is wheelchair accessible - all the artists are proper sound there as well pop them a message or give them a ring and they'll sort you out

  10. Only thing I can think of is toilets which are up a few flights of stairs so maybe not an option if you're getting a piece that'll take a lot of time!

  11. My favorite is 7 with the swayzie express

  12. I just wanted to have a cool photo of her insides when she is alive so I can reminisce whenever I come across it again after she does eventually pass. We are exposed to radiation everyday just by being outside so I don’t think one picture would do any harm.

  13. I dunno what country you're in but this would get you in a lotta trouble over here

  14. Have you tried sucking the radiation out with a crystal?

  15. Kinda looks like a Glukkon head from the Abe game series

  16. Red hat no knickers - living beyond your means

  17. Forest for me. Great history and since being a child in the 70s I've always loved their kits

  18. I honestly thought the comeback was on when Martin O'Neill took charge a couple of years back and Keane getting involved as well, forest fans were loving it... 5 months later: sacked - we'll never get anywhere with the ridiculous rate at which the club cycles through managers before they can establish themselves - same goes for a lot of frustrated championship clubs

  19. Is that the sun rotating, or just your view of it changing as the Earth rotated?

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