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  1. She should have been swallowed... naturally.

  2. Dude's white. Why is that idiot calling him the n word over and over?

  3. Hey, while you're in there...

  4. Reminds me of that Friends episode where Ross runs into the open dryer door at the laundromat.

  5. That's probably light bleaching, but looks cool nonetheless.

  6. The fuck is on those idiots' heads?

  7. The dazed and confused shirt fits.

  8. This is what being an idiot gets you. Congratulations.

  9. She's acting shocked that this happened?

  10. I leave some, and propagate some and give them out.

  11. I'd rather come across a bear than a pissed off bull moose.

  12. Ask about the cam phasers. I started having issues around 35,000 km.

  13. Hood rats doing what they do best. 'Murica!

  14. That's terrible table ethic. It just isn't fair...

  15. He's gonna fart weird for a day or two.

  16. I've come across a lot of things while in the bush while hunting, and I'll tell you I'd rather come across a bear than a moose.

  17. She voided the warranty with the blood.

  18. What if the aliens spoke Italian?

  19. That's what I keep reading about it, and all I can think is who, in their right mind, would stage this? It was pretty fucking close.

  20. I think the car was stitched in so they were never in any danger.

  21. Did he actually hit the barber? Either way he can tell his story in Hell

  22. The way he dropped after the second gunshot tells me it was head, heart, or spine. None of those are good.

  23. Mine did this last year. Flowered for a few weeks in November/December, and flowers the size of my hand (pic below) - then it died hard. I didn't even have time to fix the problem that ended up killing it. It was about 5' and had a nice bushy top too. I was bummed.

  24. It's Mount Doom, man, who knows what goes on in that place.

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