1. That was my first thought as well. Campeones Cup was a great time. Way more Liga MX fans here than I realized.

  2. Liga MX is most popular soccer league in US by a pretty hefty margin

  3. Team Shop has goalkeeper jerseys

  4. The Lox in the Short North has some amazing bagel sandwiches. I personally love the lox one and the pastrami and egg. Took my brother when he visited and promised him the best $12 lox bagel he'd ever had, and he was not disappointed

  5. Is that really lesser known? Lol don’t get me wrong, we love Lox. Probably there 3 times a week in the summer. But it is hugely popular!

  6. Golden China Express in Hilliard - it’s standard fare, but IMO it’s done really really well. It’s good enough that I’ll drive 15 minutes to get there vs. literally walk down the block to get to my neighborhood’s closest Chinese restaurant

  7. Yes!! Ordered a lot from there when I taught in Hilliard.

  8. First, not a championship caliber team. Simple as that. Second, similar to SKC, Club has an over reliance on aging players. Pedro has certainly worked his butt off this year but at the end of the day, he is not a left back. The unwillingness to upgrade at that position and instead rely on 34 year old playing out of position (while also not upgrading the winger position he vacated!!!) shows how unserious the club is towards actually competing with the top dogs in MLS. I think 2020 really clouded the FO on the structural problems with this roster.

  9. I think there's an implicit assumption in your question that players like Roldan or the third GK are only going on rosters because of vibes.

  10. I think you nailed it. Roldan is a "High Floor" guy. If there's an injury, a suspension, etc. Berhalter knows he can play Roldan at a number of positions and know he's going to get a good enough performance that it won't win/lose the game.

  11. Having coaching at a number of different levels with varied degrees of success, you can always tell those who “get it” and those who don’t when it comes to whole roster complexion. I’ve struggled how exactly to put it into words, especially when arguments come up among USMNT fans, but this is exactly how I feel as well. Great post. Everyone has a role and some are better suited at things than others - if you’re my 7th guy off the bench, I don’t need you to be a game changer, I just need you to do your job. And if I’m building a World Cup roster i want that 7th guy to be a guy I trust, a guy that is team first, and a guy that can do exactly what’s asked of him.

  12. Certain channels or companies pay for exclusive rights to broadcast games in the area where that channel is available. ESPN+ is there to provide streaming for games OUTSIDE the local market. It’s similar to streaming movies and tv shows - each company has their own app for you to watch the content they produce or they purchase rights to. You won’t find the same shows on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, etc.

  13. This shouldn’t be legal. A licensing cost should be set and then any tele provider that pays the fee should have access.

  14. It’s all about money. The crew probably makes very little to nothing off of local broadcast rights. Partly because BS has the only regional sports network in Ohio so there really isn’t much better option. Partly because (I’m assuming) the Crew takes on the biggest chunk of production cost.

  15. Teacher $66,500 + coaching stipend (~$5,000 but taxed as bonus + STRS %). Growth between 1-3% per year.

  16. Being in an offside position, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be flagged offside.

  17. Yes, as player, coach, and referee I am well aware of the offside rule and the caveats of it. What I gave you was a picture showing just that, a player in an offside position, at the time of the ball being shot, with movement that took him directly in front of the line of sight of the goalkeeper. It is a textbook call, not some conspiracy against the Columbus Crew, like some would have you believe.

  18. I didn’t say it was a conspiracy, but from what I can remember, he was not obstructing the keeper or in any way interfering with his line of sight.

  19. Did you not look at the picture I replied with? Lol

  20. We went in 2019 and we were at the top of 111-113 area (I think 112 officially)

  21. I was thinking that's where it was when I went in '19 but wasn't sure. Thinking about just getting a ticket somewhere and moving.

  22. Confirmed with my buddy in the DCU front office that it’s top of 111-113

  23. Honestly, agreed. Team still needs some veteran leadership and Ream had a great season for Fulham. Not bringing him to play but just to provide that leadership in the locker room and out at training.

  24. Why are some popular whiskeys hard to get in USA? I see these posts all the time but we just get all these brands on Amazon in the UK!

  25. Lots of differing liquor laws from state to state certainly contributes. Also, most states don’t allow online sales of alcohol

  26. I disagree. By the letter of the law maybe it was obstruction. The question in my mind is how often is that call made? My guess is rarely.

  27. It doesn’t get called a lot because it doesn’t happen a lot. Similar to being called offside in your own defensive half. Just because it’s rare, doesn’t make it wrong, and doesn’t mean it isn’t called when it happens. Can’t post photos to comments here but there are plenty of angles out there showing how clear and obvious it was.

  28. This is a little bit semantics but - the IFK for offside occurs at the spot of the infraction, or where you became involved in active play. So if you’re in an offside position on your attacking half when the ball is played and come back for it into your defensive half, you’re guilty of offside and the opposing team takes the kick in their attacking half. My whole point is to say this - while neither this scenario or the blocking the GK scenario don’t happen all that often, they do and they are almost always called when it happens.

  29. The fact that he looked at the goal for less than 15 seconds let me know he immediately knew he was going to overturn it. Bunch of shit.

  30. Because the call was obvious lmao why would he need longer?

  31. I mean you're right, he did break the rule, but that never gets called. Still hard to swallow even if the ref is technically correct. Feels like a tuck rule situation.

  32. The sign at Riverside Dr./John Shields Pkwy definitely said "Dublin Farmer's Market." I assumed it was a farmer's market and not a general vendor's market based on the signs at the event.

  33. Really? All of their social medial and website just says “The Dublin Market” and makes it clear it’s more than just farmers.

  34. July 26 - August 11. So right during European preseason.

  35. I know the competition isn’t the same but why aren’t these guys getting chances instead of Arriola?

  36. Comments like this are so fucking stupid lol

  37. Appreciate the well thought out response

  38. Appreciate you typing out a comment on why players in a U20 youth tournament weren’t getting minutes over a veteran senior team players and hitting send

  39. Gotta be Paxton, right? Just so talented. If he can stay healthy… man.

  40. McBride was spotted having dinner with GGG in Austin recently…

  41. The GM of US Soccer was seen having dinner with the coach of USMNT???? Woah. Big, if true.

  42. Grandview at Hofbrau Haus. Free and about a 10 minute walk to the stadium on the Olentangy Trail

  43. Is it only 10? Google says 23 min

  44. So I timed it today. I was walking a little faster since I was running late - garage to beer line (with a bathroom break) in 21 mins.. forgot to spot the timer when I walked in the stadium lol

  45. Probably split the difference depending on how fast you’re walking. It’s a nice walk and after the game you’re walking with a good sized crowd even if it’s dark.

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