1. I'm a bot, beep boop | Downvote to remove |

  2. SPAMTON, YOU [freaky] LITTLE [slinky], YA CAN'T BE [in the Upside Down], YA [dingus]!

  3. Ԁ˥ƎH ¡[ʎǝʞ ɔsǝ] ┴,N∀Ɔ I MON pN∀ [ǝllᴉʌ-ɹǝpᴉds] NI pƎpN∀˥ ƎΛ∀H O┴ NƎԀԀ∀H I ¡NO┴W∀ԀS ˙פ NO┴W∀ԀS ¡ƎW S┴I ¡⅄ɹƎΛƎ ⅄ƎH

  4. I'm going to _______ slap you into siberia if you don't get up- oh, sorry I just noticed what you said. *grabs spamton and yeets him into hawaii the right way up*

  5. you mean the v̵͎͍̥̹̜͖͗̌̉̚e̴̞͕͇̺̳͖͓͗̊̑͝s̶̙͈̥͂͊̿̀̍̅̚͜s̵͇̟͉͕̱̞̄̽̉͝e̸̝̖͇͕̣̖̓̔̔̀̎͐̕l̷̘͔̞͝͝ creator?

  6. The game's code calls it GONERMAKER, actually. Nice job “correcting” someone who's more right than you are.

  7. How on earth is that a lot?

  8. bro, I never used the import/export save. what do I even do with it when I use it? I can't just copy on my phone then paste on my computer, I'm not even sure my phone has copy/paste!

  9. I already got to reality on my PC with cheats.

  10. If its the 180 replicanti galaxy times more then normal galaxy then play as u normally do using an active route then crunch after turning off galaxy auto buyer as long as u have the 180 replicanti galaxy

  11. sorry I was asleep, I managed to get 18000 replicanti asleep.

  12. Oh that one yeah I just left my big crunch autobyer to 5.01 seconds and turned off replicanti galaxy autobuyer and fell asleep this helped me gain Binfs and the replicanti

  13. I didn't use a big crunch autobuyer.

  14. You know, that looks really sharp. I don't like the clipping happening with the SW point. I am not sure what to suggest other than fudging the line a bit. Another approach might be to have 4 short "spikes" directly connected to the circle in the diagonal positions, and then if desired, floating spikes in the 4 cardinal directions.

  15. someone improved the flag for me, so go bother

  16. I see where you're going with it, but here's my problem: even MS paint has a straight line tool.

  17. What's the actual best city/area to live in right now? Better quality of life in big city centers or in smaller towns? Nevermind the rankings, I'd like to hear an insider's opinion (I'm not planning to move, it's just out of curiosity)

  18. He is a very important historic figure, so yes most will write atleats one test about him in school.

  19. omg someone tried to recreate it and failed worse than me.

  20. by worse than me, I mean my original post

  21. Sidebar on the subreddit, you can edit what it says. Depending on what you're browsing reddit from the location may be different but it's wherever flairs are normally located on your Reddit browser.

  22. No, that's been removed for a while on mobile and with the Reality update on web. Autobuyers now generally buy in the order that would be best for you automatically, so priorities are almost entirely useless.

  23. bro I'm also playing reality. how did you get that flair thing?

  24. you can listen to the post if you're blind

  25. welcome to the camp if you survive you can get your "freedom" in the German Reich yo-

  26. depends if we built a system to allow them to get drunk

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