1. Need to ride there this weekend now. Would a gravel bike be good? Or MTB more suitable?

  2. MTB is more enjoyable IMO some steep descents and soft mud at least when I was there 3 days ago.

  3. Last known well. Seems simple, but I see so many not get it right.

  4. Ya’ll, though there’s certainly benefit in venting to each other on this matter, may I suggest a humble donation to an AAEM or ACEP PAC (or any other for that matter) for every one of these cases you have- I had two last night. Individually, we really have ZERO leverage on this issue, but if we put our spare change together we might. We really are up against a lot of absurd bs these days and though ACEP and AAEM certainly aren’t perfect, they may be our best option.

  5. I can assure you ACEP does not give a single shit but will gladly take your money!

  6. Elaborate please. I’ve heard they (ACEP, not AAEM) favored CMG’s- but even CMG’s have skin on this topic. Also happy to hear your suggestions to fix this issue.

  7. Thank you. I’m not sure what all this means but you’ve given me plenty to read up on

  8. Thanks. Gains are an easy solution. I bought the MP3’s off Beatport as well. I should say there’s an enormous discrepancy between the volume which is what got me thinking I’ve got something set up wrong.

  9. What do we reasonable think we could get for him as far as trade value?

  10. I’m uninformed, but I certainly have a few dollars to contribute to a PAC, are our colleges pushing up against this? OR at least lobbying for more mental health/substance use beds prior to implementation? NYC peeps, what’s the buzz?

  11. I have a hard enough time finding beds for the people I have already.

  12. Don’t forgot to review “external notes” and add the chronic conditions that you already think about but don’t intervene. Any change is annoying but these seem more in line with patient care and risk then the ones (doc guidelines) from 96, right?

  13. Lot is fine (it was closed today) - it’s the illegal parking around the lot that got ticketed today.

  14. Bad time management that series

  15. You may want to look at the forecast and some recent pics from

  16. That’s what we ordered. Yes full refund minus the $99. You are supposed to donate but where I live there were no donating options so they arranged pickup.

  17. Thanks everyone. I ended up locking up by the merry go round at Yerba buena. 2 high quality locks, no problem.

  18. Probably high. There are bike link lockers at 5th and mission.

  19. Thanks. Do you think they will fit a cargo bike?

  20. Just hope all the docs they employ do ok.

  21. Start the doomsday prepping

  22. So annoying! But no other option but to buy the ticket which is always super glitchy. Currently listening to the radio on the ravens app.

  23. Great pic/sunset. I know the climb well. What r u all riding? I’ve been riding the headland a bit and been feeling a bit underbiked lately with my domane with 38 pathfinder pro’s. Some spots are decent but it gets a bit chunky.

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