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  1. somehow all these ships came out of hyperspace so tightly packed without colliding

  2. Watch Industrial Light and Magic on Disney+. Highly reccomend!

  3. it's the VFX department of lucasfilm(I know it's a company as well that makes other movies, but that's what it was started as), are you referring to a documentary about it?

  4. ohh, you previously didn't have the + in Disney+ so I got confused, I'll check it out now. Thanks!

  5. I'm not shocked, but what exactly does the book explore more of? Does it give more in depth versions of the story behind the development of the park, or is it also characters surviving rogue dinosaurs in adventures?

  6. The book, in a summary, gives more of an in depth explanation of the park, but due to Crichton’s style, this results in characters being mouthpieces for his philosophies, which gets old fast, and leaves the people feeling one-dimensional and inauthentic. Hammond is a cheesy villain hungry for profit, Lex is a terribly annoying girl with only two personality traits - being hungry and hating dinosaurs - etc. There are also some extra scenes, like river rafting away from dinosaurs

  7. I always have wanted to know more about the development of the park, seems interesting. Thanks!

  8. This is interesting to me. I've not seen a garbage bin like this before. I can't believe they make something like this in our galaxy and not some random place far, far away.

  9. Probably not and it’s not going to end up on the store.

  10. true, but since the results of the PTM were pretty convincing, and the average Linus viewer doesn't have the means to buy it commercially, it would be a nice opportunity for LMG and the viewers getting access to an interesting product

  11. there's a couple really good videos on yt that walk you through it, at a level that would simply be too difficult for a reddit comment, here are the links: (I'm not a bot or affiliated to these channels btw)

  12. I swear there's a relevant xkcd about everything (who could complain though?)

  13. Ahh, well you see. Up and center with the glasses and lightning bolt scar is Cedric Diggory. The fair blonde girl on the left is Victor Krum. And above her is the famous Harry Potter. The neat and polite looking lad on the right is Fleur Delacour.

  14. Funfact, 6384628462 times a markdown file with the name „Day 6384628462“ with the content „I saw a deer today“ is 114.923.312.316bytes. So only 114,92 gigabytes.

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