1. No offense, but it kinda needs a lot of improvement... grammar, punctuation, pacing, and the like. At first glace, it's gonna make the reader not wanna read it immediately...

  2. None taken I posted this to get this kind of advice so thank you for the feedback

  3. Nice start! My main suggestion would be to add capitalizaton and punctuation (especially commas and periods) for easier reading.

  4. Oh thank you for pointing out the she her thing originally I was going to make kris female but chose not to later so that’s probably remnant from that I’ll fix that

  5. The whiplash is trans (no one can tell me otherwise)

  6. I’m trying to get an account to be able to post on

  7. Oh so your like me with video games/music just with dogs and cats

  8. Eh don’t beat yourself up about it I’m the same just with different things

  9. Ah wunderbar gut zu wissen, dass ich nicht die einzige bin

  10. Can’t I still need to outlive you so the second you do I will

  11. Why the mystery std is the most fun part

  12. Like… idk a guy that looks like a girl

  13. Who I am online vs who I am in real life

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