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  1. Seems like you have skipped the history of US foreign policy since the 70s lmao

  2. Yeah, he left out Xi, Kissinger, bush/clinton/obama, most leaders in the middle east, and about 50 more dictators.

  3. Up 1.95 million troops and still got chased out? Seems like a loss to me

  4. No one is doubting they lost. It's the really badly that people don't seem to understand.

  5. Get out is basically Skeleton Key Backwards.

  6. This is so inaccurate. One: they weren't Israeli prior to 1947. Two: some zionists saw an overlap between Hitler wanting to kick the Jews out of Europe and them wanting to leave Europe for what would become Israel. Three: they weren't as friendly with the Nazis as many Arab states that actually sided with the Nazis against the Allies.

  7. He has always been a very, very far right wing radical since his days in the US legislature, and even before that.

  8. How did he have such higher support amongst Democrats 4 years ago? Even in Europe we are aware of his extremist views.

  9. I’m from Florida and at the beginning of the pandemic he was pretty good about keeping everything shut down and encouraging people to wear masks. When Trump started getting more and more deranged about COVID and his poll numbers began to slide, DeSantis started to follow along because he knew if he didn’t he’d never have a chance at the presidency. All this shit you’re seeing now is all manufactured. DeSantis is a prep school douchebag who became a lawyer at Yale.

  10. I was in southern Finland in December for 2 weeks. With the clouds and short days I think I got 3 hours of sunlight in total.

  11. I don't like the (overdone) rushing for low keys, makes them stressful to do.

  12. I found the perfect group for you. Finished a +2 last night with only 3 minutes left...

  13. If it's one of my two best friends of 20 years, I'd do it no questions asked.

  14. If you think that is clear, then I am speechless. What does self-determination mean? Does it mean a homeland only for Jewish people? Does it mean expelling those who currently live on a land for Jewish people? Does it mean continued expansion?

  15. Just a note, non Jews can and do live in Israel. There are 2 million Muslims/Christians/Druze and the population is increasing...

  16. Yes, but that has nothing to do with the colonisation and apartheid of Palestinian people, nor an individuals definition of ZIonism.

  17. Apologies. When you said a homeland for the Jewish people I thought you were talking about Israel, not the West Bank and Gaza.

  18. Hunter and getting shit looking sets lol, name a more iconic duo. The only legitimate good hunter set I like is the nighthold one.

  19. If people saw what was possible when billionaires started paying taxes, we would want them to keep doing it, and do it more. They will fight the tiny stream because they fear the river.

  20. The top one percent makes 22 percent of income in the US. What percentage of taxes would you like them to pay?

  21. You probably don't want to hear this, but the top 1 percent of income earners in the US earn 10% of the income and pay 42% of the income taxes. Think about that.

  22. As of 2020 they earned 22 percent and paid 42 percent. See my last post for the math.

  23. I think people are miffed over the game because they promised all this groundbreaking shit for the game, and then it comes out and bugs aside the game is just pretty standard. Good story, now that bugs are fixed fine game. But not what the devs were promising for the game it did not live up to the hype

  24. Being a mod is a calling. Being a dog walker is a profession.

  25. Dog walking doesn't sound like work... it sounds like, idk... anti-work?

  26. I just saw it myself a few days ago. I honestly thought it WASN'T that good. The only redeeming grace was Ed Norton. Even Richard Gere, was mostly boring af. I would classify it as a pretty good made-for-TV film (going by those standards), and an awful "real" movie.

  27. About the title: did you somehow miss the line: "what are we? Some kind of Primal Fear squad?"

  28. It was a joke. There was a movie called Suicide Squad, where the characters said "what are we, some kind of Suicide Squad" and it became a running joke about movies that add the title of the movie into dialogue in a very awkward way.

  29. Survival secrets is still available widely in standard. Even without it, wardloop was ok in sanctum league. So, either way you should be fine, pretty much never gonna go away… unless they massively nerfed the damage output/mana cost from triggered spells

  30. Well it's been 10 months so if you just posted this now then it's probably still good...

  31. Is there a new player guide for first time players of Ultimate edition? I'm starting new game since every expac appears to start at 13, but did this ultimate edition unlock any cool starting stuff besides crazy outfits?

  32. unless it was titled differently outside the US, they're talking about a flick with mel gibson and julia roberts. honestly it was kind of entertaining.

  33. It was a joke. In 1997, Patrick Stewart played the villian in two movies. One was called Conspiracy Theory and one was Masterminds.

  34. He also played a killer villain in Conspiracy Theory.

  35. Sir this is Ohio.. there are no otters

  36. I was called a bot on Reddit, but I'm not a bot.

  37. Why did you fall in love with DreadedTuesday's wife?

  38. I hope it’s not collecting sand, as I don’t like sand…

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