Oil well drilling looks absurdly dangerous

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  1. I have never heard of it! State? I’m kinda guessing Alaska

  2. My husbands watching going “yep. Yep. YEP!” He gets it. I don’t. It’s why I do the elaborate booking( ie, cookies, cakes, preserves) and he don’t. We are teaching each othet

  3. I’ve used smushed but never heard of shmultz

  4. Looks like the Chip-etts. Female of the male Chipmunks. I think that one is Elanor

  5. Yeah! Ever since I read that one I call them cobra chickens

  6. Really? Maybe, in the near future, the family will get adventurous and try it!

  7. And. You don’t have to let anyone in. Let them know when, where and how long each visit will be. They may not show up unannounced or they won’t be let in. It can be escalated. Your house, your family, your rules. If they have keys, change the locks. Give a trusted neighbor or best friend the spare. And cameras. Have your bestie pick up the cameras and new locks and help you get everything set up! Congrats on your George and Fred!

  8. Was recently at an Elton John concert and while all of took some photos most of the time, we just sang to the music. Little too high up in the stands to dance

  9. It would probably look more elaborate if you did. But, it looks great now, too!

  10. I believe Francis Nyugen, Elsine of Troius, would have been a great Bond girl. Goes without saying Avery Brooks as a villain! But, how about Wesley Crusher, aka Wil Wheaton. That would be a twist.

  11. I’m guessing you picked up and carried something heavy, with your arm snug tight to keep it from shifting

  12. Putting out the fires from one of these is even more so

  13. I think you are seeing what happens when you shoot a cop

  14. Shape, He’ll! Type of strawberry I’ll go first: alpine Tiny as a finger nail Sweetest strawberry you will ever eat

  15. My favorite will always be: your mommas so fat when she sat on a rainbow she made S’Kittles! My son and I were staying at my husband’s, then boyfriends, place in the weekend and the neighbors kids said that to him. He was hurt! On my behalf. And I laughed. Because it was funny. So I told him one to tell them: your mommas so ugly they had to tie a pork chop around her neck to get the fog to play with her. He was off like a lightning bolt! Good times!

  16. It’s got an ironing board cupboard! Does it have a flour bin?

  17. I’m guessing he decided he needed a little nookie and she is saying “that ain’t happening!”

  18. Scary thought: there’s a bigger shark than him out there.

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