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  1. Pretty sure counter strike isn't charging 60 dollars.

  2. Yall know paying for this stuff just allows companies to see they can nickle and dime you for everything?

  3. Okay, but that kid went hard on the break dancing I think he wins by default

  4. Eh, like if your shoe lace breaks. I doubt you have spare ones lying around. Zip ties would work untill you go to the store that day and just cut em off later.

  5. But just this action though. No other ones in other areas where more people might have been around too and knew who he was.

  6. Wish I could buy that much for 100 dollars. Where the fuck do you live?

  7. So they thought people would just look at the particle effects and ignore the rest of it. Just goes to show how tone deaf the ppl spending the $ are.

  8. Bro did you not see reddit? So many people saw them and thought the game would be good.

  9. Why would we need a part 3? They butchered every character people care about and left the game on a depressing note. There's no redeeming the trash they wrote for 2

  10. Why? Just do 5 episodes for the first half and 5 episodes of the last half.

  11. Imagine caring more about some shit company instead of the person you hired not having enough to eat.

  12. Bro I don't even look at the people I queue with for Raids.

  13. Gambit fucking sucks lmao. It's still the one I avoid. I sure do love sitting in a 3 minute queue for a boring pve slog where enemies don't fight back and the only real threat is IF someone invades.

  14. Oh no, I hated Cayde too. Don't you worry about that. But even I can see that nimbus and Cayde arent in the same ballpark

  15. Would have been nice to actually see more of the infected. And learn more about them.

  16. “Runs are basically dead if you dont have 3-4 positive relations with synergy by region 3” what??? Positive Relationships rarely make or break a run. I could easily beat region 3 with all neutral relationships, relationships aren’t hard to build to begin with.

  17. Basically what this guy said.

  18. I'd rather all of it be removed and it just shows the player name and titles.

  19. Why are any activities 1830? I can't even fucking do have the pinnacle farms because of it. Legend dares was fun and enjoyable plus it was a pinnacle drop. Now it's fucking 1830 and near impossible to do with people.

  20. Yeah I thought the same thing untill I did some dungeons with friends and their damage completely fucked mine out of the water on bosses.

  21. I don't think strand being part of the story is bad. They just need to make it not suck and give it to you sooner rather than later.

  22. I haven't crashed since beta. Most players I play online with don't crash anymore either. This is most definitely user side issues.

  23. Pretty fucking stupid you can get banned for "having a scoreboard."

  24. Mines organized by Installed and not installed :)

  25. even as a guy I just don't use voice chat. I don't want to hear some annoying little fuck stick call me names and complain the whole time. If people are cool to talk to, they can type and I'll type back. But most random voice chat interactions are terrible whatever game you go in

  26. That's the most chronically online notification bar I've ever seen

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