1. XTIA XProto N and L with the flip module.

  2. Receiving mine today. Fractal did pull most of their stock until this was sorted. It hasn’t been listed on Newegg or from actual retailers on Amazon for while. I just bought a linkup straight cable and it honestly works better.

  3. Can you please provide a link to the specific Linkup riser you got? Or its exact model number?

  4. Strimers are cool, but they look out of place in your build.

  5. OK, sorry. I've been looking at the same processor and came across these specs.

  6. The link I posted to is Intel's site... the company that makes the processor so I'd believe the specs. listed there.

  7. I read that as well, but then I also read

  8. That's the K model they're reviewing in that.

  9. I'm working on a build in this right now...

  10. Only thing I haven't figured out yet is what PCIe riser to get for it.

  11. I ordered two S620 cases a few days ago and they responded to my status request saying that my order would ship in around four weeks.

  12. So Fractal is now shipping the fixed PCIe 4.0 riser?

  13. My two month old 2023 Prime XSE was hit and was damaged almost the same way. Repair cost was $9500. Three weeks on and it's still in the body shop. Driver-side headlights are on backorder.

  14. Ugh I’m sorry about the rental. Hopefully they get it back to you soon! And I’m so glad it was fixable! I’m going to go to the Toyota collision center first and see what they think.

  15. I took mine to a Toyota certified collision center and insisted on OEM only parts. Might be part of the reason it's not done yet.

  16. Thanks, Inspector Gadget ha. I 3D printed it on my printer, but I still need to make some tweaks. I'll probably outsource to a resin print for a nicer finish.

  17. Once you get that resin printed version, please share the file with us!

  18. An I the only one using their Instant Ink service?

  19. Im guessing it’s cuz of the riser quality right now. Despite my google fu and what I thought was decent research I had to buy three ( 2 same brand same item but one just wouldn’t work right) risers when I needed a riser with a 3070 and a 5600x build.

  20. Linkup's risers are pretty good. I've used a bunch of them in XProto builds.

  21. The two same brand ones were the links. I can’t remember the first one I tried. The First one would work one gen but not other. But the second did. That was a few years ago admittedly but it’s still turned me off of riser builds.

  22. Linkup's current models are pretty good. I have three builds with RTX 3080ti's running on them. No issues.

  23. Another case to consider and that's available is the Sliger S620. It's another classic layout case. No riser needed.

  24. Did you have to set the PCIe slot to 3.0 in the UEFI? I'm waiting to get a Ridge, but it's out of stock. Maybe they've figured out a fix for their riser.

  25. Weird, are they the same ones? Factor4 instructions tell you how to link it to the fuse box

  26. The factor4 instructions installs the lights so that when the car is turned on, the factor4 lights are turned on. They do not turn on / off with the headlights or DRLs.

  27. I ordered mine from cablemod at 360mm and it is quite literally perfect length. I have read good things about moddiy, I don’t think you can go wrong with either option.

  28. Thanks! I like the ModDIY version because you can get the cable in a flexible, silicone / unsleeved. Their options are pre-set though: 30cm then 40cm.

  29. I am working on some solutions for GPU sag, but I am waiting to see more info on next gen GPUs.

  30. Any updates on a support bracket? The RTX 40xx series has been out for a little while now and they are as chonky as ever.

  31. Ugh, just got my 4080 FE and don't have a case. I don't know if I can wait anymore for the C4 SFX (it's my top choice). I might have to break and get the Sliger S620.

  32. It's so plain... and sharp cornered... I love it!

  33. I had the LinkUp Riser, switched to the Louqe Colbalt. The LinkUp Riser has these rubber ends that protrude from the ends of the connectors, it caused some fitment issues. Nothing wrong with the cable though.

  34. I don't know, but I recall reading somewhere that it was rated "poor".

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