1. That's a tough one! I'd say just talking online with other furs. Nice and chill.

  2. No. The WW1 German cross had a different shape (the "arms" of the cross get wider the further they are from the center of the cross). If the cross has "straight walls", it's the WW2 version.

  3. I think this, or something very similar is used today too. The symbol isn’t as much associated with the Nazis as it is with German armor in general. Also I think this t72 is attempting to resemble a German tiger tank.

  4. It's similar, but not the same. The cross used by the Bundeswehr is closer to the WW1 Iron Cross, with wider "arms", which has always been a German emblem, before and after the Nazis. The cross on this tank isn't the same, it's the WW2-pattern one, and this is a conscious effort to make this tank look like a Nazi-era one.

  5. Nice, a Russian greyhound. Careful, they’re sight hounds from what I’ve heard.

  6. Yep, they even hat to make a separate nsfw sub, but people keep posting shit on the main one 🤣

  7. Next time wear proper safety equipment. Otherwise there won’t be a next time.

  8. Maybe you should carry your own straws and spoons. Not trying at all to be a jerk; just offering a compromise. I don't think I'd like paper straws and spoons either.

  9. Hold on, let me get this straight, you personified fake fish, and so you dumped them into the ocean. Where something could mistake the fake fish for a real fish, ingest it, and then starve to death.

  10. This is kinda why I try to tell PC builders to not invest money into new tech... there have been so many issues recently with ddr5, the new AM5 cpus and the whole 4070ti is a bad 4080 thing... for $1000, only the brave should be the beta testers... I think the issue is also because of covid and the mining craze, companies have become money chasers more than actual product makers (if that makes sense) like recent movies and TV shows and games have been released half done and poorly thought out... we gotta start talking with our wallets as consumers....

  11. Once you see it you’ll see it. Pull it away from your eyes and kinda look past it like you’re day dreaming. The image will pull out.

  12. That’s a part of it. Keep it in the blur. Soon enough it’ll start to come together. And once you see the image it is there.

  13. Got it mixed up the one in the vid has two E5-2620 with 84b ram ddr3 so not as old as I said but still old. Its suprissing how much life is left in theese old servers.

  14. I have a Dell Precision T7500 workstation tower with 96GB DDR3. It has dual Xeon X5660 CPUs

  15. I think there’s a website where you can see if you have been trained into an AI model

  16. There wouldn't be any point as it isn't a "GPU" its a compute accelerator... and doesn't even have any rendering hardware at all unless you can do it in OpenCL / HIP or the like.

  17. The MI 200 series has video engines. Maybe MI300 will get the new engine that RDNA3 has?

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