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  1. Nice camera work! All my pictures come out looking like middle-class vacation photos.

  2. Maybe you already knew it, but in the 'Adjust Effects' menu there are two tabs: scene and lens. In the lens section you can adjust the field of view and depth of field. It helped me a lot in creating these screenshots.

  3. I have nearly 200hrs so far and am on my 28th galaxy (Aldukesci) and I have taken lots of screenshots so far - rather like a tourist on vacation lol - and I'm thinking of making a highlight reel of them to celebrate my 1st year on NMS.

  4. That would be awesome, its awesome to see what others encounter in this game.

  5. More settlements, villages and cities on planets which match their economy type and status like big mining operations, industrial area's, research facilities and poor/rich settlements or cities. Same goes for conflict levels. Have ongoing space wars, military bases and more variety in crashed starships, freighters or even space stations. Make the systems and planets feel more alive.

  6. I love the challenge of dodging the corner bombers, road blockers and reverse drivers. I've been taken out while driving first more than i can count, but thats the beauty of it. Nothing is certain in this game, you can still win the race when driving last.

  7. Utrecht is beautifull, if you wish to visit from far away, wait till the renovation of the Dom is complete.

  8. As i don't read Dutch pls clarify. Bought or are holding?

  9. Doesnt state it, only the amount of shares bought. Its not telling if people sold, made profits or anything like that.

  10. Where there is money to be made, the Dutch are in. Since AMC shares where a LOT cheaper (and we like cheap things) i can only imagine how many AMC shares where bought at a much cheaper price!

  11. I absolutely love how people like Rich act like they are untouchable, smarter and meanwhile completely underestamate the retail investors. Apes will be they're downfall by exposing all the wrong doing they did for years.

  12. But yeah, apes holding a stock are the problem here...

  13. And don't worry, i keep buying and holding. Expect a tax refund and holiday pay within the next couple of days. Going to grab a nice amount of shares with them πŸš€ i was just wondering about this.

  14. So, reinvesting 100% of your profit? No thanks.

  15. You're right, I'll likely diversify and invest in properties along with other things. Owning an island sounds nice

  16. I have a lot of destinations for my money. Charity is one of them, but just a small part. I will ofcourse reinvest (And a part in AMC). An island sounds awesome tho.

  17. Well, if your chances are 45.5% of winning the lottery next week, she's right.

  18. And don't forget, trying to blaim us for market manipulation. CoΓΆrdinated actions like this are highly illegal (Yes, same goes for the HF, but we are doing this for justice, not join their manipulation bs).

  19. LFG!!!!!!!!πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

  20. I'm seeing this a lot. What does it mean? I'll stand with: Lets FUCKING Go!

  21. At this rate we'll see 100% at the end of the day!

  22. I am on Had no issues yet but you may encounter problems with closing your position at extreme volatility. They will state that price has not settled yet or sth like that and there was a post yesterday, where somebody said he could not acquire shares. The same instant i acquired 2 shares with no problem. If you don't want leverage I'd go with some different broker and not cfd, unless you are into forex.

  23. I havent encountered any problems yet with I'm always trading at 1:1 leverage (1:2 for some crypto without problems). Closing positions was easy. But no idea how it will go when AMC gets crazy.

  24. Ahhh I see what you mean! Yeah I agree it’s best to just have some extra free money available for your trading here

  25. I've bought 30 extra shares over time because i got extra money from them. So nice of them.

  26. I saw an ape on Twitter who couldnt buy anymore AMC shares on, only sell. More apes with this problem?

  27. Antivax, political cr*p. This group is about stonks and stockmarket. (Yes, we have all reasons to be angry at HF's and SEC, but this is not the way).

  28. You'd expect a price change when so many shares are bought, yet nothing happened. Traded via dark pools?

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