How do I not become an incel?

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  1. Workers in government of a constitutional monarchy? Kaiserreich vibes

  2. You got lucky in your Morocco game, Russia decided to colonise the rest of Sahrawi for no reason

  3. When I can't physically take it anymore and I have to stop. Thats really annoying

  4. Don’t men get more exhausted than women during sex?

  5. Belem is truly a great place to visit, especially if you're interested in the Portuguese colonial history. And for the pasteis of course.

  6. And there is the reason you're so screwed. You messed up so badly she came back from the dead to lay down the law

  7. What other craziness did I miss while I was in the states?

  8. Well, we are still waiting for summer if that's any indication.

  9. I guess I brought summer with me. The weather in California was beautiful

  10. Expressing yourself has gone from a popular Madonna song to all out war on social media

  11. I’ve been to San Fran, Anaheim, Orange, LA and Santa Monica. And that was in the past few weeks

  12. I want to say practice going to small social events you feel safe going to, related to your hobbies. In my opinion to not become and incel, you have to respect womens and not think of them as objects of trophies. You should be good.

  13. I am not very social and my attempts to have been crushed by the pandemic and I don’t know how to revive my sociality

  14. Some people are sensitive about their g*nder

  15. I saw this on untrustworthy pop tarts because it is too ready to remove a slide and claim you just got it like this

  16. I think schools started off with churches and temples educating the masses out of charity

  17. They don't like releasing their main games off of the consoles.

  18. I think they won’t be productive for another month left

  19. Americans really do be naming cookies Sugar Cookies like cookies didn’t have sugar previously.

  20. There are no events and there is no game over. If you manage to fully annex them you can form it yourself.

  21. When I was in Anaheim, the peace was ruined by a religious guy with a microphone and speaker at full volume saying how god is great (Christian preacher), but if you preach Islam you get a bad look.

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