1. 3.0TT 10R60. Same as Explorer ST I believe.

  2. These are going to sell like crazy given the price point

  3. I think he's mistaken probably not minis.

  4. I was, indeed, mistaken. 85 bucks for 5.66 regardless is a massive rip

  5. Verilife Cincy has this for $85 before taxes. They can get fucked!

  6. That 🍍badder is terpy as hell Jesus. How are the effects?

  7. Not OP, but I've got a puck from the same batch. It's a heavy hitter; very strong body buzz and couch lock. I've got one hell of a high tolerance, but one or two dabs of this before bed and I'm ready to pass right out after.

  8. Def seems like it could knock anyone on their ass!

  9. Inexcusable. Hoping the local media roasts him, but we all know they won’t

  10. They sure won’t. Mike McConnell talks to him like a high school coach

  11. Don’t buy Anything Troy. They like to employ people who murder unarmed women holding children. If that’s what you want check one of the brands I mentioned.

  12. Well that escalated quickly. Do you have a news link or something? Daniel Defense is so nice but I’m looking to be in the 1000-1200 range and it seems like you can’t touch a DD for less than 3000-4000.

  13. I think both cannabis AND firearms acquisition should be totally off the books so long as you are a law abiding citizen. Is that crazy?

  14. And down vote any time someone mentions the Beretta 1301.

  15. Damn really? Someone I did business with actually recommended I grab one of those 1301s. My M2 is so perfect I can’t imagine having a different shotgun.

  16. The 1301 is a fantastic shotgun, but Benelli M4 bros are mad at it for some reason.

  17. Ah I see you were being facetious. Was gonna say I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. Kinda wanted a Remington 11-87 police.

  18. No only the 2.0 comes with AWD. This is a hybrid

  19. It’s a brutal league. Guys are figuring out how to play within the new rules revolving around player safety that have been implemented in the past 10 years. Unfortunately football will never be totally safe.

  20. yeah, I didn't know about the 2L ecoboost intrusion issue until after I bought my Fusion. Mine is super late in the date code listed on the TSB...TSB says it affects cars through April 2020, mine was built in march 2020, but does have the 910 engine code.

  21. It’s really not a big deal unless you don’t have a secondary vehicle to get you around while the 4-6 week warranty block replacement is completed (I didn’t but was given a loaner). Ford techs seem to stand by their work regarding the long block repair. I mean shit they better, after doing hundreds if not thousands of them. Maybe your fusion will be one of the unicorns whose short block doesn’t give up.

  22. I don't have a warranty on my car. I've been debating about picking up an aftermarket warranty but haven't pulled the trigger yet.

  23. Just make sure you are setting aside money in case that repair creeps up on you. Also try to not horse around during extremely hot temperatures (think 90F+). My block cracked early September and I was driving like an asshole for that entire summer. These EcoBoost engines definitely prefer cooler ambient temperatures as do most turbo powertrains. Now I only try to really get into boost when it’s 70F or cooler. I just love the fusion platform it’s my favorite sedan, although now my torque converter/drive shaft is starting to go. Chalk that up to AWD probs I guess.

  24. I mean he’s got almost 300k miles on the clock give him a break

  25. Holy fuck 😂😂😂 looks like something I drew up during 3rd grade math

  26. Already picked it up. They have to honor the ticket. At least it's sunnyside

  27. Part of me hopes this is done purposely by underpaid and under appreciated dispo employees. And what better company to bear the brunt of the financial burden than corporate cresco. I would have grabbed 5 of those suckers. How is the product itself? Taste/effects?

  28. It’s done purposefully from Cresco distribution/production. 😉 It’s not a typo, and it isn’t a disgruntled dispensary employee.

  29. Well make no mistake about it, they ARE underpaid and taken for granted when you consider the crazy prices these medical cannabis stores are charging. Michigan has a lot of the same exact products for a fraction of the cost.

  30. Damn this reads like a dispatch from the no-shit clinic. Probably because it was a horrendous play call, to the short side of the field no less. Just kick the damn FG, we have the best kicker in the league.

  31. Hopefully this guy was violated anally during his short stay in the Stutsman County Jail

  32. They are stepping their game up. Nice looking medicine

  33. Just casually ignoring the actual illegal part of the article, being the hookers. Keep those blinders on, buddy.

  34. Blinders 😂😂😂 thanks for the laugh. When is this guy going to overdose?

  35. Hunter biden could have sex with disabled people on valium and cnn would never report it.

  36. Yeah I think most of these people are missing the point. Are you surprised though? Willful ignorance…

  37. Except it was his wife that outed him as being terrible in bed. And that was real. Get butthurt more, though, it’s funny watching conservatives get upset.

  38. WAP is a shitty song. Cardi B is a shitty artist. Have a nice weekend.

  39. Some guy did an illegal u-turn on the highway in a construction zone and everyone locked up their brakes. I wasn’t able to stop in time.

  40. I see people do those all the time and police officers rarely catch them. Man that stinks, 12 years. What types of big maintenance jobs did you do on her?

  41. All I’ve done to it is regular oil changes. I had the ac condenser replaced cuz a rock hit it. The belt tensioner replaced. Oil pan replaced but I believe the dealer stripped the threads. Other than that it’s been a great car. Still get 30+ mpg.

  42. That enfield is stunning. How is the .303 in terms of recoil, accuracy etc?

  43. The recoil is a bit less than the 8mm but not by much. Both rifles will give you a sore shoulder after about 20 rounds. Its on par with most large game hunting rifles.

  44. I’m guessing that round used to absolutely pulverize human flesh and internals during the great wars. Is that 7.92 similar? I’ve seen a lot of comparisons of .303 to .308 for obvious reasons. I thoroughly enjoy .308

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